Step 16b in creating my own website

Creating your own website isn’t hard. You don’t have to know code or design or format. You just have to be willing to do research, write, re-design when you think it doesn’t look good and write some more. gives you everything else. SiteBuildit is a web company that helps you turn your ‘hobby’ or niche into a profitable, page one on Google webpage. (If you’re sold on that, you might as well go directly to their site:

Anyway, my new site is coming along. I wish I had more time to devote to it, because I love it, but I keep working on it. Today I’m working on site words. SiteBuildit has a great keyword tool that not only tells you how many people are searching for that term, that word, that idea – they tell you how many others are targeting that word. If you learn that 5,000 people per month search for your hobby name, and only 1 other site is focused on that word – well that would be a profitable word.

So anyway, I’ve found all the profitable words in my niche and and now “assigning” them to the individual pages of my website. That way, once I start writing I know which 3 or 4 words I need to have on the page and thus have my paragraphs mapped out for me. So I’m pretty excited and will hope to have the site up soon for you and ALL your friends to visit and buy things you don’t need. :)

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