Turning Social Media into a Business Resource

Wow! I came across this social media idea after seeing the YouTube Channel of Taigan.com.  And once I saw it the flood gates opened – this is the kind of stuff that separates the rookies from the pros.

I’ve told you time and time again, don’t ask people to “Follow you on Twitter” or “Follow you on Facebook”. Honestly, that’s just dumb and really gives no one a reason to do so.

If you can make a Favorites List on Twitter of only awesome e-mail marketing tips that you and others tweet, couldn’t you say “Follow me on Twitter and get access to the best email marketing tips on the planet”. I think so.

How about creating a contest asking your clients to load up videos to YouTube exclaiming what they love about your business? That’d be awesome for a pizza place. You could make a Testimonials Playlist and it will show up on your channel.

Honestly, the options are limitless!