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Not Sure If You Need This Yet?
What if I made it become real before your very eyes?
What if I showed it to you live in 3 easy steps?
step1bc Pretend you were on my site,, you saw the ad in the sidebar and bought this Sidebar Ladder plugin. . . I don’t need you to see that ad anymore, do I? I mean you already bought it.

Before going on to Step 2, go to and look at my ad for this Sidebar Ladder plugin.

step2bc Since you just bought the product, I send you a thank you email. In that I give you a link asking you to read a blog post on my site with more information (any blog post really) and you click the link. Guess what? The ad for the Sidebar Ladder Plugin goes away the moment I bring you back to the site. I don’t need you to see the ad again.

Everyone else sees the ad still. . .just you, the buyer, get a different experience.

Go ahead. . . try it. . Click this link

step3bc So sometime later. . . when I’ve got a new product. . . perhaps an add-on to the Sidebar Ladder Plugin. . perhaps something totally different. I send you information about it with a link to the site.

And you click the link and never again do you see the ad to the Sidebar Ladder plugin (or your ebook, or your newsletter optin form, or your ___________).Go ahead, try again. Another new ad.

Get it? Your experience on my site is different because you’re different. You’re a customer.

Grab the plugin and I’ll show you lots of ways to do awesome things on your siteorange-buy-now-button