When: August 9th

Where: We’re bringing this grand clan of awesomeness to the great offices of Life360. These are the folks that make the app that allows you to keep track of your family members online. Great when your whole family takes a vacation to NYC and you all split up at Grand Central Station. You can see where each person is on the map, taking the scare out of travel. Anyway, they’re a super awesome tech company and we’re excited to be headed to their offices for the day. (And did you know their offices were the original offices of a small company called Twitter).

539 Bryant St.,
Suite 402
San Francisco, CA 94107

Class size: 30 – 35 experienced bloggers

Which Curriculum: At this event we’re going be covering the BC Sequoia Curriculum. If you haven’t explored those, read more before registering.

Workshop Leaders: Rachel Martin of FindingJoy.net, Dan R Morris of Lettersfromdan.com . . . and more to come. Plus we’ll hear from the people at Life360.com

What’s included: A full day of Blogging Education, lunch, drinks and snacks, BC Sequoia Workshop Book, How-to-screen capture videos of all our discussed topics so you don’t have to wonder “now how do I do that?” (And we’ll find a place to hang out and chill Saturday night)

Prerequisites While we appreciate new bloggers, the workshops are not designed to help you load up WordPress, explain what plugins are, or help you understand the difference between fan pages and groups on Facebook. We have plenty of resources for new bloggers, but ask that only experienced bloggers attend the workshops. That means we expect you’ve written blog posts, understand affiliate links, have followers in social media and know your way around social media.

So join us! It’s going to be a fantastic time!