ROI on Conference Calls

Conference CallsSo if you don’t have a way to have multi-line conference calls, get yourself a free account at (Well there are dozens, so pick one).

Now that you have that done, you’ve got a way to record your phone calls – which is very, very handy.

If the local paper wants to interview you over the phone, ask if you can record it? If so, you’ve got yourself an asset you can put just
about anywhere.

How about calling your conference number on your way to work and leaving an audio blog post, article or podcast (whatever you want to call it). That’d be really easy, wouldn’t it?

If you’re like me and you’re providing marketing services to others, you can call up your local business client and interview them about their business. Or you can provide the number to them, so they can do it at their leisure.

Whatever you do, you end up with an .mp3 you can download to your computer.

So what are you going to do with that?

1. Create a power point presentation to go with the audio.
2. Use the Camtasia plug-in to make that a video.
3. Load up photos to Animoto and load up the .mp3 file instead of music
4. Upload the .mp3 to Buzzsprout or PodBean and start a podcast channel
5. Upload snippets to your blog.
6. Turn the individual questions into separate videos on YouTube where you can drive listeners back to your website to hear the whole interview.
7. Transcribe the video and you’ve got 77 more ways you can use it.
8. Make the interview an opt-in prize for visitors to your blog.

If you can think of anymore ways to use an .mp3, add a comment to this blog post about GIANT MARSHMALLOWS.