Researching Competition

yay-2078021I just thought of this this morning.  How can you find out who is in your niche, what they’re doing and stay on top of that – without a lot of work?

I’ve got three great ways to help you not only master that, but even automate it.
1. Ezine Articles. Sure, you can do google research on your topic,but the only thing you’re going to find is things directly related to your keywords. I bet there are a bunch of players in your niche who are bringing in traffic with keywords you haven’t thought about.

For instance, my resveratrol site is primarily a conduit to inform people about resveratrol but also get them intereseted in a specific resveratrol supplement. To help you understand this example, you should know that resveratrol is the antioxidant in grapes that makes wine healthy for you.

So you could look up “resveratrol” and probably find me, but you wouldn’t know that I also focus on non-alcoholic wine. These are people who want the health benefits of wine – without the alcohol. I work in that space too because those people are my target market.

You wouldn’t find that with a Google search for resveratrol – but you would if you searched EzineArticles. You’d find the articles I’m writing and ultimately would find my “author page” with all my articles.

So, what do you do when you find someone you think could really help you?

2. Use – If you enter the name of the person you’d like to

follow and learn more about into Social Mention, it will bring back everything that person is saying on Twitter, Facebook, articles, his blog, etc.. That’s a great way to get to know people.

3. Find out about People. . . there are several sites where you can do research on people. NNDBPiplJigsaw are just a few. And uploading the Rapportive Gmail plugin opens a window every time you open an email with all the stats about that person. In the “corporate spy” world you’ll hear talk of using the Bureau of Labor Statistics site, Wolframalpha, the CIAFactbook and of course you could hire the folks at FletcherCSI.

And finally don’t forget . . .
4. Google Alerts – If you enter this person’s name, and their keywords into Google alerts, you’ll be able to keep up with everything they’re doing and all that is being said in you niche. And that’s automated. Google will send you a list of all the internet mentions one time per day. Easy. Effective. Useful.
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