Repurposing Content and Screen Capture

cdsSo this week, I spent a good amount of time talking about repurposing content. If you have a bunch of stuff sitting around that you’ve already done (ie informative e-mails, recordings of phone calls, e-books, blog posts, etc)- you can reuse these.

You can take 5- 10 blog posts about a topic and turn them into an ebook. You can transcribe phone calls (webinars) and turn them into a real book, blog posts, articles, website material, a home study course, etc.

You could even sell real CD’s by uploading the info to and having them mail the recordings out – or turn them into a bound notebook and have mail it for you.

Another way to repurpose content – totally different than above – is to use the Screen Capture Elite Firefox plugin (Command + Shift + 4). This cool tool will allow you to draw a box around anything on your computer screen, and then take a picture of it. So if someone says “I loved your presentation” on your Facebook page, you can take a picture of it and put it on your blog.

And speaking of screen captures, Jing (by Techsmith) is a great, free tool to make videos of things on your desktop. If you want to show someone how to load up a blog, plug in a microphone, have Jing capture your entire screen and talk while you’re loading up a blog. Voila! Now you’ve got a video.

Transcribe that, and you’ve got a written companion tutorial. Put some of those together and you’ve got a Guide to Blogging. Put a few guides together and you’ve got a book on internet marketing. Add slides and you’ve got a video. Turn the audio from the movies you made into podcasts. Make the videos or audios a membership site, or a home study course. Etc. .. .Etc.. . Etc. . .

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