Getting Comfortable with Reddit

Reddit is a juggernaut of traffic on the internet, millions of page views per day and often times the source of content going viral. So let’s get comfortable with using it so we can be part of the experience.

The questions left open in the video I discuss below.

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Some additional things you should know . . . the people of Reddit have their own language. So you’ll need to know these things in order to really grasp what people are saying:

To start with that whole Reddit Gold thing is a membership portion of the site. I read it here and think that unless you want to become a professional Reddit-er . . you don’t need it. More info here ABOUT REDDIT GOLD

/s Sarcasm
Ermahgerd Oh My God!
OP Original Poster as in the person who started the thread. Often times you’ll see the phrase “OP will surely deliver,” which is a sarcastic request that the original user post a follow-up.
AMA & AMAA Ask Me Anything, Ask Me Almost Anything.
IAMA Short for I Am A . . to which there is a subreddit r/iama where people start Q&A sessions
OC Original Content
cakeday Your Reddit birthday, anniversary of when you joined
DAE Does Anyone Else
DM;HS: Doesn’t Matter; Had Sex. A flippant response when it is discovered the writer ended up having sex as part of the story
ELI5 Explain Like I’m Five
FTFY Fixed That For You
IANAL I Am Not A Lawyer
IIRC If I Recall Correctly
ITT In This Thread or In This Topic.
karmawhore A person who is accused of posting just for the karma
Repost The cardinal sin on Reddit. Repost means the content had been posted previously and is not OC
NSFW/NSFL Not Safe For Work/Not Safe For Life . . . either means nudity or gore
TIL Today I Learned
TL;DR Too Long; Didn’t Read.
x-post X-post means the thread was posted in another subreddit and is usually followed by the mentioned subreddit