Dan Morris

dan morris

Dan R Morris, the mind behind Common Sense Revenue, has been using online tools to drive revenue since 2008. Dan spends his time working with bloggers to increase their revenue, improve their quality of life and time with family (without revenue loss), reduce their economic dependency on one source, and help them create a business that’s both scalable and leveraged. He has worked with bloggers, niche website owners, restaurants, tutors, national brands, and professional speakers. He works with clients in mastermind groups, private consulting, group classes, workshops, and through customized consulting agreements.

Crystal Collins

Crystal Collins, founder of TheThriftyMama.com and Healthy Green Network, first started her website in 2008. Within her first year of blogging, she was making a full-time income through affiliate revenue, advertisements and more. She was named a Savings.com DealPro in 2009, and has continued to retain that title every year for her love of helping people live healthier and lead better lives on a budget.

After a year of blogging, she joined forces with three other bloggers to start the Savvy Blogging Summit, a blog conference to help bloggers turn their blogs into a business. The conference took place every year until 2013, when they held their last event.

In addition to this Crystal has also written several ebooks, co-created the Marketing Calendar Blueprint, and now she contributes to websites such as Savings.com, AJC.com, ClarkHoward.com and Huffington Post.

Crystal is passionate about helping people live healthier on a budget, and has spoken on the subject at events such as Digital Atlanta, Type-A Parent, Savvy Blogging Summit, Stonecroft, Smart Money Chicks and also events hosted by Whole Foods Market.

She has worked with and continues to consult and work with brands such as Savings.com, Whole Foods Market, Seventh Generation, Nature’s Path, Selina Naturally, Valpak and more.

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