NAMS Lessons

Most of the takeaways I took from the NAMS Conference were at Jeff and Martiza’s seminars, mostly because I was busy with my own seminars and didn’t get a chance to get to too many others. So here’s what I got:



“sell the benefits of following me” that is different than “sell what you can do for the client”, basically what they’re saying is sell a transformation, sell how the user’s experience will be enhanced and improved just by doing what you ask – or listening to what you say.

Don’t tell them you’ll save them time. Tell them you’ll save them enough time they’ll be able to get 3 more tasks done in the same
period and will get their Friday afternoons back.

That dovetails directly into this great blog post about this subject.


Maritza offered up this great example of good copy writing. It includes all the major points good copywriters talk about having on your page.

“Students asked me to create Teleseminars and Audios Made Easy – 12 video class grab ur copy <– 1/2 off till Saturday”

This has everything in 140 characters.

“students asked me” shows social proof and authority.
“creates teleseminars and audios made easy” shows the subject
of your product and that it’s not hard,
“grab ur copy” is the call to action and
“1/2 off till Saturday” shows a discount and creates a sense of
urgency to buy.

Your next domain name

Get “” Go ahead, do it. If you’re in a common niche, buy that domain name early. I may just go out and buy “” (you should get something like or, etc. . .

Facebook comments

I don’t typically leave comments to my own posts. But Jeff Herring does. His thought is it gets the ball rolling. Again, this was easy to grasp visually. The idea of leaving comments that ask for comments or start the discussion was a great point. And a comment is indented which means your eyes immediately see it on the
page.  Great idea.

Copytalk is software that allows you to talk intoa mic or phone and have a computer transcribe it for you. For me,

it gave me the idea of playing old YouTube videos I made loud enough so someone can hear them on the other end of a phone line. I could then call and have them transcribe the old videos. Awesome.

I can take that content and use copytalk to turn those into blog posts. Repurposing things I’m going to do is one thing, but an idea to repurpose what I’ve already done is excellent.  I instantly thought, could be my vacation tool. Instead of gearing up for a vacation by pre-writing a bunch of content and getting a bit stressed just before the fun, I can use copytalk for that – and preload old videos and audio into the blog.

Google Voice

GoogleVoice is another service that will do that. However, I use that a different way. I use the GoogleVoice number on new things (1 at a time) to see how effective they are. Since Google tracks calls to their numbers and gives them to you, it’s ideal for billboards or advertising. You might as well see if the ad itself created a sale.

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