Media and Press Release Toolkit

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Let’s talk all about PR and Press Releases. Not only does PR Rock! but the press is always looking for things to talk about, write about, do.

So how do we get in front of news and media people.  First we start by finding out who they are and where they are. WeFollow has lists of press in every city (Seattle is the example). USNPL lists media and HARO is where media goes to announce stories and look for people to interview. The Assignment Editor is the list of newswires that media folks read:


Another way to get the attention of media is to send out press releases. Here are some lists of press release sites. Yes, it is annoying to do many. But when you want exposure, hard to get it if you don’t get the word out.

Google News Approved Press Release Sites

Press Release Sites that Allow Anchor Text

The Big Dogs in Press Releases

I debated whether or not to add the rest I have in my database. Ultimately I decided no. If you want them email me. . . but I don’t recommend them. At this point they are just going to be more places that probably won’t be get you links, media or anything. . . just more places.

Finally, you won’t get anywhere without a media kit. So make sure you have a good one done. Kelly Snyder is great at putting these together. Contact her.!!


Kelly Snyder’s Media Kit


The BC Media Team