Making Your Facebook (or MySpace) Group Go Viral – A Twitter Clinic

This clinic was posted on May 4th at 8:00 p.m.  Follow me on Twitter; to see these clinics and converse live.

So today’s twitter clinic is on “making your Facebook group” go viral. The first step is the name. It’s got to be exciting. A name like.

People who like cheese” is not going to make it. “Cheese-heads Unite! and Take up Arms” might – the idea is exciting.

The second step is to pick a picture/graphic/avatar that exudes your group. A picture of cheese isn’t like going to do it. But a mouse. .

dressed like Rambo with two swiss cheese guns just might. The goal here is thousands, not 125 members. The third part to make your FB group

is taking advantage of your friends. You really need 500 people minimum to get it going. That might mean you have to partner up with your

friends who have different friends than you. The launch has got to be massive and quick so it shows up in a lot of feeds at once.

The fourth part is a bit like the third. Target high profile Facebook folks to join. Bribe them with Officer status – whatever you can do to

enlist their help. The key is big friends with big influence. You might even let them name the group.

The fifth part is to pre-sell the group. Talk about it in blogs, mention to friends in their feed. Get the buzz going before you decide to

launch it. An undercurrent of fervor will really help. This is an art, folks, not just something you can slap together and hope.

The next part is to make the launch an event. Use a teleseminar or Facebook Event, use Twitter to talk about. Do a live video feed as you

start. Give away a flip phone or two – but do enough that people tweet about whether her or on Facebook.

The 7th part of making your Facebook Group go viral is to have an irresistble offer. Maybe a free e-book about the topic, another flip video

or .mp3 player. Maybe everyone gets a free .mp3 copy of the launch or free tweets about them. Come up with a reason to join.

The final part is advertising – whether that be on Twitter, Facebook, Digg, Stumbleupon, YouTube – get the buzz going. That first 500 are

really going to stir the pot, but the pot in social media is QUICKLY forgotten. You’ve got to follow that up until you have atleast 500

solid members. After 500, well after 750, the momentum will likely keep itself going – but you have to work on it. The work shouldn’t stop

until you get to that 750 number and then focus the rest of the time on providing value so people don’t quit. So that’s a good 8 or 9 steps

to making your Facebook group go viral. Any questions? Bueller. . . Bueller?

I’m thinking that tomorrow’s Twitter Clinic will be about using Twitter. You should really have a grasp on the settings inTwollo, . .

Twitter, Tweetlater,, and a couple others. If you create custom backgrounds let me know and I’ll plug you in tomorrow’s clinic

At no point will we do a 16,000 followers in 90 days clinic.I think it’s dumb, and feels like your breaking the spirit of the Twitter rules.

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