Make a $5/Day Website

So we spoke a bit about keywords on FreeWeeklyMastermind. I’d encourage you to listen to that keyword discussion time and again. There was certainly some good stuff in there.  As you learn more, the parts that were “advanced” are really going to be valuable to you.

I’ve told you many times, don’t let picking a niche get in the way of progress – which some of you are doing. Just pick something and try it out.  But the problem is, most people don’t know where to start even if that’s their goal.

So I put together a video tutorial on how to create a niche website that makes $5/day. I suppose if you made 10 of these you’d be doing pretty good.

The reason I decided to do this was because I found a new keyword tool that’s not only fun and practical BUT is a way to find highly trafficked keywords in a niche.

I put the entire, step-by-step process into this quick video. Watch it here:

One of the things I’ve done to learn this internet marketing thing is to just choose a niche that’s interesting, find good keywords that are available as a domain name and put up a simple WordPress site with a Google AdSense theme above the fold…

In fact I’ve been doing this exact method I just explained for years.

It’s a great business…. and a great learning tool.

So now you have a site that can make anywhere from  $0.50 to $10.00 a day….could be less… could be more.  Even though that seams like a small amount it really adds up.  Now just rinse and repeat that process 50 more times, 100 more times, 1000 more times… you get the picture.

In the video I show you how I do this entire process and a cool little program that helps automate the hardest part.  Go check it out.

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