Learn How To Create and Sell Products in 90 Minutes

The Niche Affiliate Marketing System Workshop released their newest product “Create and Sell Products in 90 minutes”.  Combining the experience of Lynn Terry, Jeff Herring, Mark Hendricks and Cindi Dawson, the program not only taught how to create and sell products, but was itself a product created in 90 minutes.

Creating and Selling products is not as difficult as it sounds and is as simple as interviewing an expert in a niche.  If you own a garden site and are interested in selling your own products, interview a local gardener on BlogTalkRadio.  While that will help drive traffic and cement your reputation in your industry, it can be downloaded, tweaked and sold as well. You could also easily put the audio form in CD format and sold via the web as well.

Furthermore, you can then have the audio transcribed and then sent to your readers as a free product, used as a giveaway to invite new readers, sold on your site or combined with other products. Then you could create a power point slide show presentation with the transcript and then make a video reading it. That video could be used for site “members”, if you have them, or could be sold on your site in DVD format.

All of these can be product creation ideas can be done in relatively short order. The Niche Affiliate Marketing System Workshop performed a live teleseminar in front of a crowd, downloaded the audio, and put onto a sales page within 90 minutes.

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