Joel Comm – Tenacious Entrepreneur

Recently, for BC Prime we got a chance to chat with Joel Comm, New York Times Best Selling Author, national speaker, inventor, product creator, Yahoo Games “man” avatar, Internet early adopter, dad, professional traveler and much more. . .

We think you will agree that some of the most important take aways from the call were how Joel was generous with information and believed in an “abundance mentality”. He operates out of the mindset of giving back to others.

He also sees that in all failures we can learn something about ourselves and then can use that information to make ourselves better. And demonstrated that success isn’t based on luck, but is rather a combination of hard work, determination, and not putting all of your resources in one basket. His success is across many mediums and he is truly the example of an entrepreneur.

Here are some quotes that I wrote down that I felt were excellent take away points:

He believes in, “Bringing value and doing what you love to do.”

In all that he does he, “Likes to do what is fun and profitable.”

With regards to failures, success, and business he said, “Keep standing up. Hit home runs as much as possible.”

He asks (in reference to his book sales and success), “How do I get people talking about it? Versus people simply buying it?”

“There is a great more to be gained by sharing than by being secretive.”

“I’m not a believer in luck. There’s a great deal more design to our lives. It may feel like chance, but I believe there is a great deal more destiny.”

When asked about his book “So What Do You Do” Joel answered this regarding learning from other people, “When we listen it’s a doorway into their soul and what they are passionate about.”

About being a published author, “Writing a book is not about book sales, but is rather about getting your work in a credible piece.”

You can find more out about Joel at and you can check out his Inner Circle at – wait for it – the JoelComm Inner Circle.

That’s it!