Internet Marketing in Nashville

Internet Marketing in Nashville is just fantastic. Nashville may not be a tech mecca like New York City or home to SXSW like Austin, but businesses as a whole understand the need for internet marketing services – even if that means they’re just trying to bring the role in house.

One of the things I love about our Nashville Internet Marketing clients is the ease by which you can meet in person. In the end they’re trying to appeal to people and I’m trying to appeal to them. I’ve got nothing against Skype, Facebook chats and the phone – but it is nice to get to meet your client.

Speaking of meeting your clients, imagine how arduous that is in Atlanta, Boston,  and Los Angeles? Even folks from Franklin and Hendersonville can find an easy way to meet in East Nashville. What’s great about that is most of nice places to meet like Ugly Muggs, the Frothy Monkey and Crema do a great job with their own internet marketing efforts. It just makes for a great conversation on top of the meeting.

Another thing I love about internet marketing in Nashville are the events. Podcamp, Barcamp, Blissdom, Murmuration, Killer Tribes, TEDX, and eSpaces events are just the start.  The Owen School of Management, CentreSource, Belmont and the Nashville Downtown Partnership put on great events as well. It’s a mecca of information for anyone who wants to learn.

Podcamp and Barcamp are particularly great internet marketing events. While most of the attendees would say the topics are more digital and code in nature – very seldom are these things used primarily for private purposes. It takes good information to put together a great marketing campaign.

Blissdom, Murmuration, Killer Tribes – these are some events that attract a national crowd. In fact last year Carrie Wilkerson, Scott Stratton and the Go-Giver Tour held events here. I’ve seen several of those on the books for this year as well. Being within 500 miles of 1/2 the U.S. Population makes this a great place for hub events.

While I do have some aspirations of moving to Madison, Wisconsin some day. I don’t think I’ll ever mind being an expert in internet marketing in Nashville. It’s just such a great place to be.