day7-seo-challenge Formula:
1. Good clear picture
2. Give title that adds value to picture
3. Add a description that never reiterates what’s in the title. Adds additional value.

Make sure to pin them. Try uploading different pics and seeing what is pinned the most (then editing our post to include that picture).

Take our image and post everywhere it possibly can be. See if there are IFTTT recipes to automate to other boards/sites. (Flickr & Flickr groups, Animoto – a video of your images, Houzz, etc).

Write down a plan for every post and do it. Automate is best plan.

Make sure to get notification when people comment on things so you can interact and build community.


    There are so many places to put images. This is where a good VA can come in and set up your infrastructure.

Supporting Knowledge

blog Automation is OK, but it’s good to remember the pitfalls. . .See how Fox Television screwed up with automation.
Video The How to use IFTTT tutorial
tools I think we’ve spoken about it before, but we mentioned IFTTT a couple times. Worth checking out. And here is the Budget Savvy Diva Pinterest Board that we show. . .
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