day17-seo-challenge Link Building – the more links from outside sites the better

Pillars of SEO: Timing, Links, Content, Keywords

Good link building practices:
1. Before and After. (from Day 6): use the pitch technique. Would be good synergy. Guest posts. Partnership. Show each other to your audiences.
2. Competing sites: Since you have the same audience – share and cross promote. Do joint ventures. Find 5 people in the same niche and work together.
3. Link bait: have something so awesome that people will want to link to it. (you might have to go tell them about it so they will know it’s there!)
4. Your Sphere of Influence: FB, Twitter, Pinterest, Flickr, YouTube, LinkedIn, places your guest speak at, etc etc.

Links x Power of the site = Page rank

Sites like Huffington Post and Examiner build your profile.


    Remember, there are many posts that you don’t need to worry about optimizing. Some things people just don’t search for.

    So we need a keyword tool to help us learn which keywords will serve our business.

Supporting Knowledge

blog Speaking of Speed, let’s talk about Overcoming Speed Bumps
Video In FreeWeeklyMastermind, we recently did a call on Internal Link Structure.
tools Today’s tools:
Pingdom Tools

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