How To Use Google AdWords – A Twitter Clinic

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My Twitter Topic today is how to use Google AdWords – that’s the ads you see on the side of the SERP (Search results page). To start,

It’s not easy to use AdWords successfully, lots of people lose money doing it. That’s because they don’t understand specificity.

When you create the ad, make it specific. EXTREMELY specific. You don’t want traffic that’s curious. You want traffic looking for you.

You pay each time someone clicks on your ad, so you really don’t want people who think it looks interesting, here’s an example:

If you’re selling a lawnmower that cuts your grass exactly 2″ high everytime – like a golf course you don’t want and ad that says:

Get golf course like grass in your front yard” Is that a new grass seed, fertilizer, watering schedule, sod? I’m curious = you’re broke.

You really want one that says “$399 lawnmower that cuts your grass 2″ tall. You must pay shipping”. Now you won’t get as many clicks, but

The clicks you do get will be people who’ve already overcome the price, know you’re selling a lawnmower and are interested in that.

That’s probably not the best ad copy, but you do tests. Test 2 different ads at all times, after 100 clicks – delete the loser and try a new

The second part of the Ad is the landing page. You don’t want to send those people to your home page. Send them to that lawnmower page

If the customers has to figure out where the lawnmower is on your site, he’ll abandon and you lost money on that click again.

Even if it’s not the best landing page, make sure it reflects your ad as much as possible or vice versa. The third part about the ad is.

The keyword you’re bidding on. Don’t bid on landscaping if you’re selling a lawnmower – bid on lawnmower. The people searching for landscape

landscaping would have put in ‘lawnmower’ if they were searching for a lawnmower. When you start YOU DON”T WANT THE CURIOUS, you want sales.

Here’s a great google video about how the ads work. This explains how to bid on your keywords

The ad must be specific. The landing page must reflect the ad. The keywords must reflect the product. That concludes the AdWords clinic.

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