How to Review Your Website

yay-7238952I’ve been doing $499 website reviews for a while now and thought I’d share with you how we do those.
I break them down into 7 sections right off the bat. I look at SEO, List Building, Monetization, Internal link structure, Voice, Funnel and Social Media integration.
Let’s start with SEO. First I got to Google and type in:
and see what pages are indexed. I then look at page names, permalink structure, and meta descriptions. What I want to know is how optimized are you. I also want to know what your page names are to see if you’re attracting newbies, buyers, experts or nobody.
You’d be really smart to look at your site on Google’s Webmaster Tools and Analytics as well. You won’t know what to change without that.
Then I look at your list building efforts. Where are your calls-to-action? Where is the email opt-in form? What’s the offer and does it look like that offer is being tested. Are you getting opt-ins during blog comments or not. Basically how does the whole thing work?
Then on to monetization. Are you using AdSense and is it optimized? Are there offers built into your site? And what part of that is visible above the fold, and what part is able to be engaged when you scroll down.
Internal link structure goes back to both SEO and user experience. Are you using a related posts plugin correctly? Is your linking optimized for the search engines? Is your linking optimized for the reader who wants to get smarter in every blog post?
Another critical area is voice. And that one is easy – does your site have any character to it? Or is it straight bland posts.
It goes without saying I look at the complete sales funnel. How does it work today, tomorrow, seasonallly and in tune with your audience’s changing level of sophistication.
Finally, but not least important is your social media integration. Does your audience believe you’re an influence? Do they identify you with your niche? Are you visible everywhere or just to your sphere of influence? And are you using your profile to bolster your plan?
It’s not hard to do your own objective site review, but it does require that you step back and look with fresh eyes. Be critical. Do it 10 times and frame your questions in terms of where your audience came from. Look at all those things from the perspectives of your dad, your friend, your colleague, someone who doesn’t know you, someone who got there by accident and your loyal followers. Does your site appeal to all of them, or just a segment?
If you’d like to have me do a complete video site review for you, please contact me at . If you want to do it on your own, feel free to ask any follow up questions in our forum at