How To Lower Your Costs On Google AdWords

You can reduce your Google AdWords costs by doing other things than keyword research, landing page improvement and competitor analysis. In fact, some of the administrative sides of your Google AdWords campaign can help you lower the cost.

Why Google allows this cost reduction method to work, I do not know. But we’ve proven it time and again that your costs will go down. Determine your main AdWords keywords and create a new AdWords Campaign for each keyword. In that AdWords campaign, create a folder with that same keyword name. We believe this double use of the keyword on the administrative side somehow increases your relevancy score with Google.

In each folder only include the keyword/keywords that your bidding on (ex. OPC antioxidant, OPC antioxidants, Antioxidant OPC, etc. . .) Then make sure that each ad title you’re testing and each body copy that you’re testing have the keywords in it.

Finally, Google also tracks the relevancy of your landing page 2 different ways. If the page you direct people to has the same keyword in it, your relevancy score goes up. That means if you’re selling and OPC antioxidant in your ad, make sure that you send people to the OPC antioxidant page on your site. The “Holistic Vitamins and Minerals” page where OPC is linked does not cut it. Get your customers directly to the page they were looking for. Send them to the most specific “opc antioxidant” page on your site.

Relevancy often helps move your ad more so than increasing your bid amount. Remember to do all these “relevancy improves” first – then start testing your bid amount.

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