Google Plus Trick

Nothing major this week, except awesomeness of course.
I don’t usually do this but this week I’m going to give you three fantastic tips that don’t take much to implement but you’re going to love. 
Guest Posts.
Whenever you write a guest post or contribute to something on the web, go to your Google Plus and add a live link to it. Yep! You can add links to any of your contributions right on your about page.
Go to your profile. Here’s mine as an example. 
Edit the about section and add the links in the section aptly title Links.
Don’t forget to also add the re=”author” tag to your guest post so your picture shows up with it in Google’s search results.
Here’s a little something to make your Pinterest wall stand out. Check out Meet Penny’s wall. 
She’s uploaded images that now serve as “board covers”. Check out her 2nd row of boards. Brilliant idea.  Makes it look like she’s on Pinterest on purpose.
(and if you bought our Making Money With Pinterest product, we talked a bunch about Sulia this week). :)
and then. .