Google Authorship & Rich Snippets

In this stellar video, we share the ins and outs of Google Authorship and Rich Snippets. But clearly the best part of the video is Dan’s sultry voice. If it weren’t for his dashing good on-screen looks, that voice could carry you off into the sunset.

In the beginning we explore the what and why, and the reason you really don’t have a choice. Rich Snippets are here to stay. Then we go through the how and some great tools to make this easier. Not only that but Dan’s dry wit is sure to keep you laughing (unless of course it is totally aggravating to you, which we understand).

Look for a follow-up video where I do screen share as I use Rich Snippets on my sites. You’ll see how to do them, publish them, and test them. And you’ll likely want to fall in love with Dan all over again.

Crystal Collins is prominently featured in this video for around 25 seconds in the beginning and 43 minutes at the end. If it weren’t for Dan’s lack of tech savvy when it comes to pushing buttons, she would have been prominently featured the entire time. (Blame it on Darren’s absence I tell you)

But don’t pay attention to Dan’s idiocies. These aren’t the idiocies you’re looking for.

And then the video ends.