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So you’ve had a chance to brainstorm the first few day’s tasks. I know, you’re thinking how come we didn’t get this on Day 1? Well, there’s something constricting about a spreadsheet. You see 5 columns and you think your world has to fit into those 5 columns.

But since you developed your map without that constraint, you can add columns and rows at will to fit your map. Watch the short video and make sure to MAKE A COPY of the spreadsheet to your own computer.


    Now you’ve had time to think through this without spreadsheet constraints, let’s put it on paper.

Supporting Knowledge

blog [BC PRIME ONLY] Have you seen the ebook “How to write an effective blog post series?” If not, grab a copy and take a read.
tool Want to see who you’re competing with for your keywords? I guess you could just Google it, or you could use this much harder tool: Niche Watch
Video We made a great video showcasing internal YouTube annotations. It’s about making money decisions. So if you’ve got an upcoming money decision, click here and we’ll help you decide.
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