Today we’re talking about the value of Webmaster Tools. Nothing we’re about to embark upon makes sense unless we can track our efforts. So let’s look at this tracking giant.

    If the keyword fits your niche then we definitely want to be #1 for those people. We want all the keywords that get 1,000,000 searches per month and the ones that only get 20 searches/month.

    Don’t forget to add these to your spreadsheet. In each silo add rows so you can include the keywords you’re ranked for


Mapping day is really fun. Time to look at your site from a new angle. As we said in the beginning, you don’t have to SEO everything. But we don’t know what to SEO until we know what we’re doing.

Supporting Knowledge

blog Analytics are powerful. Webmaster Tools is great, but that’s not all. Using Analytics to fuel your business
tool The tool that you will repeatedly hear us talk about is There isn’t really a good, free keyword tool. We recommend you investing in BrainstormTools, and know that we’ll train you in exchange for using our affiliate link.
Video Need to see it from a different angle, here we discuss finding out where your keywords were ranked
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