5DollarDinners.com (Erin Chase) – 10 Minute Traffic Tips

Erin Chase shares her secrets to generating traffic and how you can implement it right away

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Erin Chase – 10 Minute Traffic Tips


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Dan: Hey this is Dan Morris with another 10 minute traffic tip and we’re at the savy blogging conference in beautiful coral spring with Erin of 5dollardinners.com, it’s a beautiful site anyway.

Erin: Oh! Thank you.

Dan: None of our site are merely as pretty as that. None of them! So we have 5dollardinners if you’re watching this time property of segment.So you have a good traffic compared to the most of our audience and you have a beautiful content. When you choose new content, do you sometimes choose content because you’re trying to attract new traffic or is it usually to enhance the user to experience of your existing traffic?

Erin: I think it’s a combination of both. I’m always try to create something that’s unique to 5dollardinners whether it’s a new type of post that I do maybe for 2 weeks. I’m always thinking and trying to figure out exactly how to engage new users and engage existing users.So for new users, I’d like to bring back old in my case recipes for another web setting to be post in a kind of things so I know a number of different list that rounds up old contents to bring back in front page for new users but it’s package that is situated and is also engaging for existing users so I forgot she did that and half to go that such a great thing to bring back in front page.I think that helps keep people engage because after a while recipe after recipe after recipe different packaging in different way to make you creative and interesting so people will come back and want it more.

Dan:Have you created an avenue for your traffic to suggest recipes or ask for recipes?

Erin:No, but I’m always thinking that this weekend.

Dan:Coz I looked in your site today you have magada, checked potato salad recipes and our friend who have a german recipe said how cool is that and I wonder if someone suggested it.

Erin: I have a number of people contributing recipe on website as paid contributors, I also have gaspos for people bringing recipes and different food ideas to gaspos. I welcome both if you have a creative idea, echo and you wanna talk to me about that, we can certainly talk about that but magda is an example somebody is to be paid to distribute recipes.

Dan:Magda is a person? Oh I just want to be one.

Erin: Magda is somebody here that used to live in Czech Republic.

Dan: A beautiful name in a Czech Republic.

Erin: Visited there in May and you know she was reminded about potato salad when she came and share with us and Magda form Canada, she shares he favorite spagetti for Czech Republic and she’s trying to create flavor to the website.

Dan:Nice! Magda is a common name, I wanna live with her thought, it’s interesting. We don’t have that name ever heard.

Erin: No, you don’t hear that often.

Dan:So, how important to you to capture the contact information of your reader so you can re-engage them with email?

Erin:You know email marketing I think is crucial you know I have heard other sayinh about it also but for me I’ve got right up there at the top. I have there to subscribe for me when you can have a 100 dollars and I also give away 5 quickbooks a month in the website. I just think that’s a way and I thank people for supporting 5dollardinners that’s how I see it. I reminded people through facebook to sign up in my email and I reminded people through my twitter to sign up for my email.And I also have I think about several different email options if you only interested in getting expressed delivery for coupons, you can get or you can sign up the email option if you only interested in new planning ideas.You can sign up in new planning if you’re in gardening, or if you’re not sure what’s happening, you can just sign up for weekly updates, just having a wonderful options is essential so you gonna meet the reader and provide them what they’re looking for.

Dan:So now, that I would consider that you’re giving people what options to create additional value, when you added those, what that it do to your returning traffic that people really take advanatge that they think that’s great that they can get recipe fit.

Erin:Yeah, Absolutely! I think obviously if you’re getting what you want in an email, you might not visiting the website so you got to know ti look at the persepective you wanna both your email monetize and your website monetize taking make the most of both users to stick in email and then clicks to the website so these who are coming I think it’s a kind of combination and I think it’s probably the best.

Dan: No!

Erin:And I’ve seen a big increasevin the number of people who are using the email because I’m providing them of what they want so they can be fulfilled if they get a newsletter or fulfilled if they get the healthier type of coupon.

Dan: So, giving them option can increase you often?

Erin: Oh Yeah!

Dan: Interesting!, have you played with the options to see if you can increase it even more, or that something that some people doubt or some people do.

Erin: No, I think I have that separate welfare community for the people who are coming in. I’m pretty hands off on the website and off the website of twitter and facebook so that would be.

Dan: Unbelievable things, a lot of people say PR doesn’t show increase a traffic, have you seen that to be yor case in the crazy steps have you done before?

Erin:Yeah, I’ve been there in colorbooks featuring Goodmorning America and you know it really depends on the outlet, it depends on if you get the link on their site and when and sometimes you look for, it’s not that mess that’s what I noticed. I got huge traffic, I got a search traffic in a view becasue the website was mention. I’m not really that depends.I think with PR, you have to do it over and over and over again until your name get out there and a lot of people do it over and over.

Dan: How much you love the view from your audience?

Erin: You get flattered, everybody is so excited about the opportunity for you to know to get the opportunity. I’ve always if there are opportunity to post pictures to facebook on my audience on the site.

Dan: That’s stuff is unbelivable, unbeleivable!

Erin: Then will say I know her and she’s doing that, they know and they do that.

Dan: I have a clue and watch and not unsubscribe and statistics go away because now everyone loves you.

Erin: Other still there, It might not happens.

Dan: It won’t happen, you might not paid the market for people who don’t know you.

Erin: It’s constant, if it’s overflow, you’re good.

Dan: So give me tips for people to get PR in our local markets, in samll towns, newspaper and tv shows.

Erin: Call the news station, call the stations, I’d like to speak and you can have concepts, ask for morning shows, you think you’re to be good.It does help if you have a person either a purpose that can help you write in press release and put in a while. That’s step is helpful, I think for starting out, help to start in local and you gonna go far to national and see what you’ve done before, have a 6 segments and go for television and camera.I’ve also done a couple of segments before.

Dan: So good you said that because so many beginners want to run it immediately and realize how much the little steps pay in the end.

Erin: You know there’s a hand in the people, it’s a lot of hardwork, lot of time, hardwork in producing contents, it’s time reaching out. Another idea you could do in PR is putting out the idea, always looking for those store ideas and you can get and deliver it in your inbox and read all that people are looking for and something that you can quoted in the newspaper. If you can get the link of the article to the website when goes on to different newspaper. So one quick email response could send you. It’s really and you don’t know.

Dan: That’s awesome, so to sum up the traffic tip today, I would say that everyhting you said is backed up with content and hardwork.

Erin: Absolutely, Absolutely it is essential in getting your name back there and getting people find you and come back to you.


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