Ebook Strategy at Blogging Concentrated

orange-yellow-red-skylineOne of the topics I’d like to cover is the Ebook –> Optin –> Email –> Sale process.

Many of my blogging clients get parts of this wrong and then wonder why they aren’t making sales. But the fix isn’t that hard.

Here’s what we’re going to talk about then. . .

The bribe: Our goal is to bribe our audience to give us their email with something. Some people do it with a newsletter, others with an ebook. With an ebook, however, there are some special steps you’ll want to take to help make the book go viral AND to help build community.

The optin: Let’s talk about the form in where it should be on site, what it should look like and how to test it.

The emails: Holy Moly emails are hard, aren’t they? Most people write them to be interesting. What we really want to do is to write them to get the click. Get them to want to read your words BUT make sure the words on your site. The only point of email should be to get them to click.

Finally the sale. . . we’ll talk a bunch about that. To get a sale you have to overcome objections. . . that’s it. For instance for Hershey to sell you a candybar at the check-out, they have to overcome objections like price, safety, the fact that it’s not melted, and inconvenience. We have to do the same thing on our pages. Let’s chat about it.

If you’re not yet coming to Blogging Concentrated, join us!