If you’re the kind of person who wants to be doing these efficiently, who doesn’t want to be leaving money on the table and who always wants to know if there’s a “better way” then we’ve got something for you. . .

Not sure if you’re following along, but I’ve been working on my Doppleganger Bucket List whenever we travel. It’s a silly list really. . . but we looooove it.

We’ve eaten a Boston Creme Donut in Boston,¬†poured salt in the Great Salt Lake, Played the Oregon Trail Game on the Oregon Trail, eaten potatoes with Mr. Potato Head in the Potato State of Idaho and consumed an apple pie in the Big Apple on Pi day (3/14 at 1:56).

And now we’re in Grand Rapids, Michigan. What does one do in Grand Rapids? Ride the Rapids? Eat a $100Grand bar? We couldn’t think of anything.But then. . .

Bob “the Teacher” Jenkins posed a Challenge. Make $1,000 in 30 minutes. 1 Grand, Rapidly.

So starting right now. . . and for the next 30 minutes we’re selling 10 Website, Social Media Business Reviews for $109 (because PayPal will surely take $9 of it).

There’s only 10.

I guarantee you it will be the most thorough and actionable review you’ve ever had. ¬†We’ll go over and give you feedback / tips / help with regards to your social media strategy, messaging, traffic, SEO, monetization, design, media kit and lots more.

But you’ve only got 30 minutes to take advantage.

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