What if you’re 

one tweak

away. . 


Have you ever wondered whether you should keep trying or if you should give up and do something else?Does it seem like you’re doing everything right but you’re just not getting traction?Are you just unsure what to do next? What to sell? What direction to go?That’s pretty normal. Making this a full time gig is hard. Repeatable income that you can rely on from week to week is doable and it’s possible you’re just one tweak away. That’s why we do these online business reviews. You need a third party who’s worked with hundreds of successful sites to see the pieces you’re missing, the low hanging fruit that you’re just overlooking, the one change in direction that will actually change everything. We have the eyes you need.Let us do a complete online business report and review of your site to help you know what you should be doing next.  

Our Online Business Review and Report Includes:

The Benjamins: We’ll analyze your monetization efforts (good or bad) and help you understand what’s working, what’s not working and what should be changed. Let’s look at what products and services you should be selling/recommending. Plus, simple things like color changes can affect your earnings. Let’s look at the pattern disconnects of your site, messaging, source traffic and monetization methods.

Guess What I Found?: Search Engine Optimization is a source of leverage in your business. Let’s see what you need to do to leverage SEO the best for your monetization efforts. Some people don’t need SEO at all and others miss some fantastic opportunities that could drive amazing traffic to their site. 

The Words: Our goal with social media is community, engagement, monetization. Let’s look at your social media presence and determine if you’re properly filtering the audience to your website. Let’s look at your overall messaging, pre-selling, engagement and money. Maybe you’re just not present in the right places. Maybe you’re just saying the wrong thing.

Sales Funnel: Let’s examine the sales funnel from before the person knows you exist to the time they’ve spent $1,000 with you. How did it happen? How much of it was on purpose. How do we improve it or replicate it.

Ash Trays: Let’s look at the parts of your site that no one cares about. Do we change things or get rid of them all together?

Architecture: The design of your site is very important. That doesn’t mean you need a complete redesign, but labeling, colors, navigation bar changes can often reap big rewards

Lasers: It is faster and easier to bring one business fully to profit then work on a second. Sometimes all you need is to realize where you should be focusing your time and efforts. 

Under the Radar: Here’s where we’ll show you how you can climb out from under the radar and get noticed in a big way.


How much does it cost?

That’s a good cash flow question.


How much will it make me?

That’s a good business question. The long and short is we spend about 11 hours going through every part of your business, figuring out the whole thing. We do a video review that’s typically an hour long, write up a report summary and schedule a follow-up question call with you.We’re charging $399 for this right now (instead of $499 when we’re busier with speaking events). As you’ll see below, sometimes it just takes the right tweak to double, triple, quadruple your income. If we can raise your income by just $100/month, this process will make you $800 extra this year. If we help you figure out a $200 product you could sell, it could make you hundreds of thousands. 


How it works: Click the enroll button and get yourself an Online Business Review. Easy Peasy. Then, we’ll send you an email (not an automated one) to ask you about your site, your goals, what you’ve been trying to accomplish, you products and where you spend your time.  That’s the fun part. :)We’ll also have you send us links to your properties and access to things like Analytics. But don’t worry . . . the moment we’re done with the review we’ll email you to tell you we don’t need access anymore so you can change your password, delete the extra user . . .however you set it up. Then we’ll send you a video walkthrough and report and we can schedule a time to chat via phone/zoom with questions or follow-up.