DanMorrisMarketing.com is Live

“So my friends the time has come. Time to raise the roof and have some fun.” I’m not sure about the roof part, but I did accomplish a goal this week. I completed and made live my newest creation: http://danmorrismarketing.com

I love this LettersFromDan site, but like I said in one of my previous posts – your blog must have a theme to be ultimately successful financially. There’s so much clutter in this world that “randomness” often just doesn’t cut it. For example, how many men go straight to the Sports Section when they unravel the morning paper? There’s a reason it has its own section. I bet there are a TON of people that read the sports section and that’s it.

What are the chances they’d subscribe to the paper if sports stories were just randomly placed throughout the paper?

But LettersfromDan makes me smile – so I decided I’m not changing it – though I contemplated it for a long time. Ultimately, the only reason I wanted to change it was so clients and prospective clients had a place to “check me out” online. My adventures with Mark, thoughts on the different places I enjoy traveling and random opinions just didn’t fill that need.

Thus DanMorrisMarketing was born. And this week it is live. You’ll see some new stuff over there – but it will not serve as a constantly updated blog as I’ve intended this to be. So join me there. Join me here. In either case, I love that you’re reading and look forward to chatting with you soon.

(oh that first sentence, that was the opening line of “All night Long” by Lionel Richie – in case that’s haunting you right now).

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  1. Mary

    Yeah, me too. Glad you are keeping both. I like your analogy of the sports section of the newspaper.

    When the grocery store puts pancake syrup in a different place from the breakfast cereal – what’s that all about? Anyhow, I like your new danmorrismarketing site a lot and lettersfromdan is way cool.

  2. James K jenkins

    Hey, I’m glad you are not changing this site. I’ll be following both. I mean as long as you throw an el Debarge quote in from time to time or time after time or this time or what time is it or well you know!!! ON my way to see your new site … Congrats.

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