Cross Reference Everything

1420024_five_golden_stars_isolatedI got a great e-mail from a client in the financial industry today. It had nothing to do with finances but is a tremendous example of what you should be doing in your marketing efforts.

What made me so excited is that he put this “awesomeness” in his “signature” so that it automatically appears in every e-mail he sends out.

So, we’ve been doing a weekly podcast, regular upon demand YouTube videos, blog posts, articles and he does a guest spot on the radio. All great activities to enforce that he is the expert in his local niche.

Before I tell you about the end of his e-mail, what he sent out was a “Thanks for Being a Customer” e-mail with a calendar attachment to show what he’s doing and where he’ll be speaking. That’s great, but that wasn’t the gold I’m talking about. Nothing elaborate.

The gold was this language at the end:

* * * *

“And just to let you know, we’ve been doing a weekly podcast (link) that’s only 5 minutes long but will really keep you up-to-date on the market. Not only that, but I’ve been doing a regular video responding to what’s in the news you can see here (link).


P.S. Before I forget, we’ve also got an e-mail list that’s specific to people who want to know more about X, that’s all it’s about. So if you’re
interested, please get on the list and ask some questions. (link)”

* * * *

That’s it. Brilliant, eh? Now he’s finally getting his various messages into the hands of people who know, like and trust him. Are you doing the same thing?

Instead of focusing on getting your message in front of new clients, don’t forget about the ones you already have. Click here for more on niche internet marketing.