Awesome Commercial, but oops! a Marketing Mistake

I went and saw a movie this weekend and was excited to see a Mayonnaise commercial featured before the previews even started.  Let me re-word that. . . I was excited to see what the Mayonnaise folks were doing in a commercial before the movie started. I can’t say I cared one way or the other that the commercial was about mayonnaise.

So just as the commercial started an icon floated into the bottom right corner of the screen that said “Shazam for Free Sample” I looked at it for a second and realized that the commercial wanted me to use the Shazam app at which time I would redirected to a webpage where I could order myself a free sample of mayo.

Well, I’d already turned my phone off and had it in my pocket when the commercial came on. I fumbled for the phone, got it open, swiped the security code and voila! the Shazam icon disappeared and the commercial was over. Argh! if only they knew that it was going to take me a few seconds to get the phone out and going. If only they’d have gone with a :30 second commercial, not a :15. If only they understood the user’s experience.

Then in the last frame of the commercial they posted a link to their Facebook page. Unfortunately, I can’t tell you which Mayo company it was or what their cute Facebook link was. I don’t think that was a problem – because I was more interested in the marketing than the commercial. But not giving me enough time to get my phone going. . . that’s a wasted opportunity.

Are you thinking about your users’ experience when they interact with your marketing?