Jared Romey from Speaking Latino.com

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What Swagbucks does to Drive Traffic

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Crystal Paine on Traffic

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10MTT – Justin Popovic

Justin has been online for some time building an extremely successful business based on a product model most people don’t even know exists. He sells products to businesses that need products for their audience.

For instance if you need to give your audience a “how to set up a blog” product, you could buy the complete product from Justin, put your branding on it and give it to your audience. So his traffic is based on quality. If he doesn’t produce quality “business products” his traffic won’t come back. Hear what he has to say:

10MTT – Adrienne Graham

Adrienne Graham got “famous” when she wrote a post called “Don’t Pick My Brain for Free” and it went viral. Viral as in thousands of comments and emails that lasted months and months. Since that was her philosophy and mantra she went on to create a powerful business around the concept and helps entreprenuers and business leaders everyday.

We sat down to talk about that rise.