Automating Marketing: Teleseminars

You’ve heard about teleseminars and webinars, I’m sure. I’ve always associated them with office training calls for some reason, but I seem to be on a lot of them lately.

The fact is webinars and teleseminars are about the coolest marketing trend in a long time. And the thing is –  the word teleseminar (or webinar) is just a word to describe a type of group communication.

To have a teleseminar or webinar means to set a time that everyone is on the phone or computer listening or interacting with a presenter. That doesn’t mean you have to lecture. That doesn’t mean you have to have powerpoint slides. It’s just a time and place.

It could easily be to show a video of you speaking at a luncheon group.

It could be a video demonstration of you building a bluebird feeder from scratch.

For that matter, if you’re a musical act, you could do a live stream of your performance.

All of that is possible. But what really makes them great sales tools is automating them.

[stextbox id=”warning”]If you want to see an unbelievable webinar, you’ve got to check out this online backup webinar with John Cleese. This is the “gold standard” as far as I can tell.[/stextbox]

Imagine a blog post that talks about your upcoming seminar about (whatever you do). And them imagine it saying, “Join us on Thursday”, knowing that it will play every Thursday at 9:00 and most people will just assume it is live.


OR “On Thursday night listen in as I address the local Chamber” (at which time a recording of your presentation plays).

Whether it’s a tool to sell, a tool to promote, a tool to educate or a tool to help make you an expert – you can’t help but know the power of automation.

The best software we’ve seen to do this is only $77 and does everything you’d ever need it to do.

You can check it out yourself at OR you we can show you the entire thing in action when you sign up for our webinar on how to use this product.  Click here to check out our next webinar time:

We look forward to seeing you there. Otherwise, don’t underestimate the power of recording your presentations, speeches, explanations and trainings – and using them over and over. Re-purposing content is a phenomenal tool.
What I’d really like to hear from you about are ways you’ve used teleseminars. Leave a comment. What’s the oddest one you’ve been on?

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