Are Brands or Celebrities Following you on Twitter?

Ever want to know who’s following you on Twitter? There are several services that will give you that information.

But if you’re just looking to find out who because it would be fun, you’re missing the real value. What you really want to be looking for are the brands and personalities in your niche (or related to your target market) that are following you. These are the people who can see your tweets and engage with you.

And sometimes it indicates researching you as well.

Screen Shot 2013-04-21 at 1.32.38 AMAfter you go through these steps and figure this out, the question is . . . “how are you going to use this information?” That’s my question to you.

1. Get yourself a Friend or Follow Account and login.

2. In the gray bar below your name, click on the Friends tab. *That is important

3. Now scroll down to the toolbar in the middle of the page and look for “Show these type of users”. Typically they are all clicked. So click on “Protected” and “Normal” which actually unclicks those fields. The only thing remaining then are “verified” accounts. Since Twitter users have to go to some trouble to get their account verified, your list will mainly consist of big companies (brands) and celebrities.

If you knew who was following you, would you do anything differently?