Welcome to the 3rd Annual Podcaster’s Kit

41 Top Podcasting Experts From Around The World Have Come Together To Give You A “Stack” Of Their Best Trainings and Courses Worth $4,838 – For Only $47

What is Podcaster’s Kit?

Podcaster’s Kit at its core is a “Stack” of products.

In it are 40+ courses, products and trainings, from the biggest podcasting experts around the world. If you’re excited about creating an amazing podcast that actually makes money, we exist for you. Podcaster’s Kit is available the 1st Week of October every year. There is never a duplicated course or product. Welcome to the 3rd Annual Podcaster’s Kit 

Why do you need Podcaster’s Kit?

The hardest part about building a successful podcast is spending the money to do it right, BEFORE you’re actually making money. The idea of spending $199, $349 or $999 on the information you really need is daunting.

When you don’t have steady, reliable income from your business yet, spending that much on one thing becomes a huge gamble.  And even when you are making money, spending cuts down on profits.

Managing the Skeptics

If you have a spouse or family who’s skeptical of what you’re doing, spending a bunch is scary. We worry because if it doesn’t work it will just make them more skeptical. 

And when the money you are making is needed by the family, it becomes really hard to spend money on learning new skills. 

Real Experts. Guru-free.

How many times have you tried something that didn’t work online? The experts in Podcaster’s Kit have been where you are now, and have hustled their way to where you want to be. They peel back the curtain on what works and are teaching you how to replicate those real results.

Complete “binge” freedom

Summits are great but they definitely occupy you at very specific times, with audio on and a video playing. With kids and other distractions it is almost impossible to be totally available during those times. With Podcaster’s Kit all the learning is at your own time. You can watch a course at 3AM if you want. In your pajamas. We won’t judge.

That’s Why We Created Podcaster’s Kit

  • We want you to have every course you have ever wanted to buy, but couldn’t. 
  • We want you to have every training program you need, but you didn’t even know to look for yet. 
  • We want you to have access to forms and templates that will cut hours and hours off your workload. 
  • We want you to have access to experts who have mastered these skills AND can answer your questions. 
  • AND we want you to have the tools that give people with big budgets – big advantages.

“I purchased the Stack and am in the process of going through everything & WOW!! What a great value that is.” 

Koralee Pearson

“I truly got a lot for the $ invested and I’d like to thank all who contributed.” 

regine-Ann Ogletree

“I feel like I’ve just enrolled in college without having to pay a five-six figure tuition. I’d certainly call it a steal. . . This is my golden ticket!” 

Haneef Davenport

How Do We Do This?

We’re Dan R Morris and Rachel Marie Martin

Seven years ago, we launched BC Stack and Podcaster’s Kit  to help digital entrepreneurs – like YOU – make improvements to your business

How? By giving you access to all the products, normally reserved for people with bigger budgets.

You see, every year we search the globe for digital biz owners who have the training and products that give others a leg up.  We tell them about the reach of Podcaster’s Kit and how we can help them grown their audience – if they are willing to donate their product to this Stack.

Then we assemble their products into the Podcaster’s Kit, meaning the ultimate A-Z Resource on what’s working in today’s podcasting world

They win because they get a SURGE of new students in their business.

And you win because you get to LEARN from 41+ vetted and approved experts in Podcaster’s Kit for 1% of the price.

How It Works


Scroll down to see what’s in this year’s Podcaster’s Kit. Press the buy button before the timer runs out. Pay by credit card (Stripe) or PayPal.


Check your email for the link to the Downloads / Training Page. Start with whichever product is going to help you the most. 


Take 60 days to register for all the trainings you want to take. You get to keep them forever as long as you do that. 

Podcaster’s Kit is full of training on

these in-demand topics: 

Product Monetization
  • Making Money with Sponsors
  • Leveraging Podcasting to Travel the World
  • Monetizing with Joint Ventures
  • Selling your own products
  • Creating “can’t resist” offers
  • Guest Monetization
Show Host Skills
  • Podcasting 101
  • Improving Vocal Clarity
  • Overcoming the Mindset Issues Holding us Back
  • How to Launch a Podcast
  • Get Better at Interviewing
  • Editing: Understanding Equalization
  • Podcast Workflows
  • Video Production Made Simple

  • Podcast Search Engine Optimization 
  • Virtual Summits
  • Content Strategy
  • YouTube for Podcasts
  • Using AI to create Show Notes
  • Best ways to grow your podcast fast
Podcast Infrastructure
  • Independent Contractor Agreement Template
  • Guest Release Form
  • Podcast Planner
  • Email Templates
  • Media Release Templates
  • Guest Management Tech Stack
  • Podcast Canva Templates
  • Ultimate Podcaster’s Notebook

What’s in Podcaster’s Kit 2021??

Product #1 

From Tim Gillette 

Simple Easy Success Package

Every podcast truly needs its own website of show notes and/or blogs to really be its own show. The Simple Easy Success Package includes Tim Gilette’s original Kick Start your Show Notes & Blog Program, 30 day challenge, 21 day livestream challenge, and VIP lifetime access to our Virtual Events Membership. To truly grow every podcaster needs a program to focus them on getting the website right so it can serve the readers as much as the podcast does. 

Product #2 

From Larry Roberts of 

readily random with larry roberts

Podcast Boost – How to Tell Your Story with a Podcast

Learn from someone who is not only an experienced podcast producer and host, but someone that is actively involved in the podcast community on a daily basis. As a moderator for the largest podcasting group online and the Editor in Chief of one of the largest industry newsletters, Larry has had the opportunity to work with, learn from and trade ideas with some of the legends of podcasting. By the end of this course, you will have the skills to go from absolute beginner to being able to make an educated decision with all aspects of podcasting from microphones to software to media hosts

Product #3 

From Michael Sharkey of 

your podcast coach

Build and Monetize Your Personal Brand Fast With Your Podcast

This five video course will take you through the most important elements of your podcast.Telling your story, conducting fearless interviews are just two of the videos you will see that will show you how to build a better podcast…which will BUILD YOUR BRAND.You see…your listeners don’t just want to know what you do…They want to know who you are!And starting with this course, you will be on your way to building your personal brand through YOUR PODCAST!

Product #4 

From Krystall Proffitt of 

The Proffitt Podcast

How to Sell Your Own Products on Your Podcast: A Deep Dive into Self-Sponsored Ads

You don’t need thousands of listeners or millions of downloads to make money with a podcast! Generate leads to your list, sell out your next membership, or launch your first product by using self-sponsored ads on your podcast.

“After selling thousands of dollars of my own digital products and programs, I’m confident that creating your own ads for your podcast will work!”

In this training, we’re diving into the types of products to sell on your podcast, discussing the different types of ads and how to create your own, and then we’re going deep on how to customize this process for any podcast.

By the end of this LIVE training (yes – there will be a replay), you’ll feel confident selling your own products and services on your podcast.

Product #5

From Krista Miller of 

Summit Host Hangout Podcast

Virtual Summit Starter Kit !!

With the Virtual Summit Starter Kit, you’ll learn what hosting a summit entails, map out the important details, choose a profitable topic, and create a realistic timeline to look and feel like the pro you are throughout the whole process. Get a start on your profitable summit today!

Wowza! . . . OH MY WORD. . . I’m now excited about working online again.” 

Wendy Flynn Del Monte

“This Stack was a great investment.” 

Cynthia Beckles

Product #6 

From Danielle Desir of 

the thought card podcast

High Converting Podcast Show Notes Masterclass

Learn how to create high converting podcast show notes that attract new listeners organically through search, provide additional resources to listeners, and invite them to buy from you!

Product #7

From Pete McPherson of 

do you even blog podcast

YouTube for Podcasters

What if you didn’t have to worry that you’re “missing out” by not being on YouTube? YouTube is THE place for podcasters to double-dip and reach a broader audience (and grow their show faster), BUT it’s also a whole separate platform you have to learn and work at… With YouTube for Podcasters, there’s no need to worry! You’ll learn everything you need to know about using YouTube to grow your show–in less than 2 hours.

Product #8 

From Dan Miller of 

48 Days

How To Talk, Serve and Put Money In the Bank With Dan Miller

New York Times Bestselling Author and popular podcaster Dan Miller shows you exactly how he did it, highlighting the Venn Diagram he used and the 10+ ways he has been able to monetize his podcast in this course. 

Product #9 

From Dr. Lucrezia Iapichino of 

Legals for business owners

Podcast Guest Release Form Legal Template

Get your guests to sign this release before appearing on your podcast and avoid any future dispute or legal issue. Get the peace of mind of having the right legal protection and retain full control over your content!

This Podcast Guest Release will save you time, money and headache by ensuring you get explicit consent and permissions from your guest; giving you full control over your content; clearly stating ownership and rights to use and distribute; protecting you from legal issues and lawsuits; including Governing Law and Mandatory Arbitration Clauses. 

Create your episodes more confidently knowing you’ve taken the appropriate steps to protect your podcast legally.

Product #10 

From Dr. Lucrezia Iapichino of 

legals for business owners

Independent Contractor Agreement / Freelance Contract Template

Protect yourself, your podcast and your business legally in less than 5 minutes. 

Are you getting so busy and finding yourself in need to outsource some of your workload?

Do you need freelance transcription services or editing services for your podcast? 

Are you seeking to hire a virtual assistant, web designer, graphic designer, social media manager, copywriter, freelance writer to scale your business?

Then this comprehensive, fully customizable, and easy-to-fill-out agreement template is perfect for you! 

This defining, legally binding contract will take the stress off the legalities of your business and allow you to focus on the creative side of your podcast while staying legally protected.

It can be used over and over again to clarify expectations and address timelines, schedules, and liability issues upfront with each new contractor or freelancer. 

And the best part is, you can even use it for your own clients if you offer any type of freelance services yourself!

Grab this template now and get your legal protection sorted in less than 5 minutes. 

“I am in TEARS. I am so glad I bought this bundle – Literally program on my wish list.” 

Christine Luna

“This is an AWESOME bundle. Thank you!!! Thank you!!!” 

Melody Wigdahl

“This has to be the most fantastic, unbelievable, in-depth, generous, bundle I’ve EVER seen!” 

Melissa Rezza

Product #11 

From Scott Paton, Executive Producer of  over 45 podcasts.

How to Leverage Podcasting to Travel the World

What is Podcasting? How to start your Podcast fast. 

Considerations for world travel. Combining the lifestyle of Digital Nomads with Podcasting. 

How to travel with (mostly) free accommodation, and sometimes food. 

Why you should have your own podcast in addition to producing client podcasts.

Making money with podcasting – seven options. Do one or do all.

How to take Podcasting to a whole new level. Supersize your podcasting business.

Product #12 

From Melissa Guller of 

Wit AND Wire Podcast

Podcast to Paycheck

Anyone can earn money podcasting, even with a small audience. Learn which podcast monetization strategies are right for you, from sponsorship to affiliate marketing, merchandise, memberships, and more.

Product #13

From Adam Schaeuble of 

podcasting business school podcast

Podcast Monetization Workshop

Get ready to dive into over 7 HOURS of amazing podcast monetization tips!

What you’ll get: 

  • 5 days of workshop style videos with podcasting pros that are monetization masters.
  • Learn how to monetize your podcast with sponsorships, courses, coaching, masterminds, live events, newsletters, joint ventures, and MORE!
  • Daily assessments to help you implement your ideas.
  • Quick answers to your question on any topic!

Product #14

From Jenn Brockman of 

planning addicts

Podcast Planner 

If you want to have amazing guests, awesome content, and stories that keep your audience coming back, you’ll need a way to track and stay on track! When you use or offer your customers this set of printable Podcast trackers, the stage is set for success.

 You’ll know who’s booked, when, what questions to ask, and how to follow up. 

You’ll know your income, expenses, market, listener stats, affiliate income, and more!

Use our templates as your own in your business or, print the PDF version for yourself!  This includes files to edit and turn into printables or print on demand books.

Product #15 

From Danny Ozment of 

podcasT Strategies podcast

Podcasting 101

SAVE YOURSELF FROM WASTING ENERGY ON COMMON DIY MIS-STEPS. Podcasting 101 is designed to help you start your podcast without wasting time. By dedicating a small amount of time each day you’ll take steps along the path to launching in the next 8 weeks.The course is a combination of my years of experience and lessons learnedbrought to you in an 8-module course so you can fly up the learning curve twice as fast as I did!Some of the topics it covers:Equipment and Software – The best and most affordable tools you MUST have.Content planning – How to do it, and how to never run out of content.Production – Equipment, Recording, Editing, Assembly, Mixing, and more!Publishing – We’ll help with media hosting, directories, marketing, and more?Preparing for Launch – All the steps you need to take for a successful launch & continued success.Podcasting 101 takes you from idea to launch and everything in between. Equipment and tech, Recording and publishing. Scripts and templates. Everything!

“Thank you so much for this – this alone is worth the price.” 

Cerys Parker

“I’ve got to say I’ve been blown away by the value.” 

Christiena Van Espen

“Definitely going to blindly purchase the 2021 Stack as I did last year” 

Rat Race Solutions

Product #16 

From Kelly McCausey of 

love people make money podcast

Podcasting Mastermind Triads

Three virtual sessions to address common mindset issues that hold podcasters back from pursuing guests, publishing consistently and calling listeners to action. I’ll also help participants organize into triads, little mastermind sessions with three people – to build connections and solve problems. 

Product #17

From Jennifer Henczel of 

WOmen in podcasting podcast AND inspired influencers show

Podcasting Promotional Materials Template Bundle

Let’s face it, Systems Save You Time. I’ve documented my entire process for securing today’s top guests and I want to give you a copy! ($197 value)Spend more time thriving in your passion and serving the world with your purpose. You know as well as I do, podcasting is an empowering way to share your message and change the world, one episode at a time. Here’s what’s included:Podcasting Interview Promo Page Template – Use this to Promote Your EpisodesEMAIL #1 – Request for an Interview Email TemplateEMAIL #2 – Follow Up Request Email TemplateEMAIL #3 – Pre-Interview Information Email TemplateEMAIL #4 – Interview Reminder Email TemplateEMAIL #5 – Invitation to Join Call and Interview Announcement Email TemplatesEMAIL #6 – Subscriber AnnouncementEMAIL #7 – Thank You for the Interview Email TemplatePodcasting Guest Checklist

Product #18

From the Podcast Show Notes Summit: Daniel J Lewis of

the audacity to podcast

Using AI Shortcuts to Create Show Notes

Can computers really write good show notes? If you don’t know the answer then just ask Siri or say “Hey Google”. Award-winning Daniel J Lewis of The Audacity To Podcast shows us how to partner with AI to write rich, captivating podcast show notes. Straight from the Podcast Show Notes Summit.

Product #19

From Tom Kelly of 

clean cut audio podcast AND reminiscent

Mastering Podcast Equalization

This is the ultimate starting place for folks looking to learn a little bit about the frequencies that make up the human voice.In 12 pages you’ll learn what an equalizer does, the different types of curves and filters, the characteristics of the frequency bands in the human voice, common “issues” that occur in each band, along with how to address them.

Product #20

From Chelsea Clarke of 

Her Paper Route podcast 

Guest Management Tech Stack

Take yourself out of the job of podcast guest management, without having to hire a VA! This masterclass shows you how to automate and systemize the process of finding, booking, and managing your show’s guests using smart tools and tech. This workshop gives you the automation blueprint you’ve been missing, for your complete guest onboarding funnel. So you can stop writing ‘follow up’ emails, stop wasting time ‘nailing down a date to record’ and stop having to remind guests to sign their speaker contracts. It will all be working for you behind the scenes, automatically. So that all you have to do is show up and press record.

“This is my first Stack, and love the value, it much more than the price we had to pay.” 

Luc Dermul

“Started going through the courses . . . this was an answer to prayer” 

Melissa Elaine Miller

“I can’t believe how good this is. The Stack disproves if it is too good to be true. . . ” 

Lia Peele

Product #21 

From Jennifer Navarette of 

Crypto content creators podcast 

The 7-Day Podcast Launch Challenge: PLAN IT!

You have a mission and a message and you know podcasting is the right way to get the word out. FANTASTIC! But where do you begin?

The biggest obstacle with starting a podcast is all of the decisions you must make before you even hit record. From show and tech questions like…

  • Should I have a co-host or interview guests?
  • How long should my podcast be?
  • What kind of mic should I use or can I use my phone to record a podcast?
  • What app or software should I use?
  • How do I edit my podcast?
  • Should I go live or record the show?
  • Do I have to learn to edit audio files or can I send it to someone to do it for me?
  • Is there someplace I can go to just sit down to speak my message and not worry about the tech?
  • Once I record, how do I get my podcast on Apple Podcasts and Spotify and anywhere else people listen to podcasts? Oh, and what are the other places people listen to podcasts?

You’d be forgiven if you felt the need shout, “Calgon take me away!”

If these questions have been running through your mind, you are not alone. While podcasting has grown in popularity and reach, there doesn’t seem to be a clear-cut way to go from idea to launch.

Enter the 7-Day Podcast Launch Challenge: PLAN IT!

Before you ever hit record you must first plan your show. Join 16 year podcast veteran, Jennifer Navarrete for a 7-day challenge which will fast-track your knowledge with a simple, easy-to-follow actionable plan. When you complete the challenge all of your questions will have been answered AND you will have an easy to follow step-by-step plan to launch your podcast.

The best part about taking this 7 day challenge in October is that you’ll be ready to dive into National Podcast Post Month which kicks off on November 1, 2021. Fast-track your podcasting skills and knowledge by putting your plan into action in a safe community environment.

What are you waiting for? Sign up now! In seven days you will have your podcast launch plan ready to share your mission and your message with the world. LET’S GOOOOO!

Product #22 

From Gabby Conde of 

Tuning into the universe podcast 

Stop Struggling and Start Podcasting: Kickstart Your Podcast with an Engaging Content Strategy

Do you want to start a podcast but don’t know where to begin? Or tired of struggling to get listeners? You can create and launch a podcast that will help you grow your business and attract new customers. The right content strategy will help you build an engaged audience and increase your reach. Start growing your podcast today by publishing high-quality, engaging content on a regular basis. This course will take you from start to finish to help you create a 1-year content strategy that works for any business model.

Product #23

From Maggie Wall of 


Podcasting from Both Sides of the Mic

“Podcasting from Both Sides of the Mic” is a necessity for both Podcasters and Guests.

Veteran radio journalist Maggie Wall shares her top tips for acing interviews.

You will learn:

  • how to make the best impression, even if you are shy or scared,
  • sound like an expert, and
  • how to connect with the listeners—no matter which side of the microphone you find yourself.

Product #24

From Jenny Suneson of 

SAVVY PODCASTING for entrepreneurs 

Savvy Podcast Agency’s “Savvy Pod Squad: Membership

Ready to find a community of podcast BFFs? 

Ready to find a community of podcast BFFs? In the Savvy Pod Squad you’ll be part of

  • Community of like-minded podcasters looking to grow their show 
  • Collaboration opportunities among members 
  • Podcast masterclasses to help you grow + scale your show

Product #25

From Michelle Abraham of 

AMPlifyou Podcast

For the First Time Ever…Learn EXACTLY How to Sell More High-Ticket Offers and Grow an Audience of Eager Buyers with the Podcast Sales Machine Blueprint.

Here’s a sample of what you’ll learn in this live masterclass…- Use our new Podcast Profit Offer Generator to get floods of sales to any program.- Implement the One and Done Method to eliminate complicated marketing strategies and stop attracting freebie seekers and low-ticket bargain hunters.- Create the kind of “can’t resist it” opt-in offers that effortlessly turn listeners to leads and leads to SALES.- Discover exactly how you can use the Reciprocity Selling System to build relationships, increase revenue, automate renewals and generate referrals.- Unlock the Scale to Freedom Formula to strategically grow a podcast audience of ideal, dream clients and create more time freedom so you can focus on doing what you love – sharing your message and changing lives.- And more…BONUS: Don’t Miss the Q&A Session During Hour 5 for VIPs.

Product #26 

From Ashly McHatton of 

play with fire podcast and 60 second stories 

Grow Your Podcast: The Million Download Model

Ready to grow your podcast?

Whether you are just starting or a seasoned pro, this course will walk you through what it takes to grow your podcast and reach your goals. Regardless if you are looking for a few hundred downloads, or even a million, this will remove the mystery and misery of not knowing what to do, and give you the mindset, as well as the process to follow, to reach your goals.In this course you’ll learn:

  • How to set the right goals for your podcast growth
  • The best ways to grow your audience fast
  • How to leverage online and off-line networks to accelerate your growth
  • What structure you’ll need to have in place to sustain your growth
  • And what it takes to reach the million download milestone

Ready? Set? Grow!

Product #27

From Naima Sheikh of 


Video Production Made Simple

More and more podcasts are including video as part of their delivery — and why not? 

A video version of your podcast can be repurposed for YouTube.  Ergo, hello, SEO, and with it, discoverability.

Watch this live recording of a hands-on workshop on creating videos in a simple systematic way.  Learn what you must in each of the three phases, plus tool options for each phase.

Product #28

From RJ Redden of 

play with fire podcast and 60 second stories 

Ignite Your Listeners With Engagement First Podcasting

Most podcast listeners want content that feels like it’s been made exclusively for them. But if you’re not regularly engaging with the people who listen to your podcast, how can you possibly build a podcast that feels like it’s “just for them”?

Enter engagement first podcasting. This workshop will teach you how to create the engaged community that you’ve been craving. We’ll cover it all, from the first sound of your voice to how you’ll engage with them a week, a month and a year later.

Don’t settle for shouting into a black hole, feeling like no one’s listening. Sign up for this workshop today, and turn your listeners into an excited, action-taking community. 

Product #29

From Brittany Bennion of 

posed for success podcast 

Podcast Pitching with a Media One Sheet

When pitching your podcast, you need to stand out from the crowd. A mass produced email or simple one liner doesn’t cut it. You need to build credibility and capture the interest of who you are pitching to with a professional and to-the-point Media One-Sheet. Not only do you learn what it takes to create a stellar Media One-Sheet, but you receive 3 easy to customize templates so that you can immediately start pitching your podcast and show up as the professional you always knew you were.

“I think this is the best offer I have ever seen in a Mastermind so far. ” 

Lowanna Wise

“Let’s just say I’m still unpacking all the amazingness Stack has in it. . . ” 

Tonia L. Clark

“Just got the awesome Stack. . . Thank you! ” 

Prerna Malik

Product #30

From The Podcast Show Notes Summit: April Wier of 

Sugar five design 

Podcasts and SEO

April Wier often calls SEO a game of chess – and she loves playing the game! Finding the right moves for her clients and predicting how Google will react. This session is going to give you tons of insight into the world of SEO – and how you can use it to capture the attention of people who don’t even know the podcast exists! 

Product #31

From Erik K. Johnson, owner of 


How to Crush Your Next Podcast Interview Like a Radio Pro … Without Decades of Training or Hours of Preparation

If you are a podcaster who conducts interviews with guests on your podcast, this course is for you.

Others can copy your information, interview questions and formula. But when you use the principles you will discover in this course, you will create unique interviews unlike any other. 

In this program, you will learn …

  • Why we conduct interviews
  • Your personal why
  • The essential elements of unique interviews
  • 17 most powerful interview questions
  • How to ask great questions

Product #32

From Tracy Roberts and Susanne Myers of 


Podcasts & PLR- Grow Your Following & Increase Your Income

Cut your research time in half (or less) while growing your following and increasing your income by using PLR content. The best part? You’ll solve one of podcast’s biggest problems. Do you have a plan in place if the platform you’re hosting your podcast on shuts down? It goes beyond downloading copies of your episodes. How are you going to reach your audience? In this short report and video we share an elegantly simple solution that will make a huge difference to your following, your bottom line, and most importantly how well you’ll sleep at night. 

Product #33

From Ruth Bowers of 


The Ultimate Podcast Host’s Notebook

Tired of trying to remember things during your podcast interviews because you don’t have a place to take notes? Me too!  So I created the Ultimate Podcast Host’s Notebook to keep things organized before, during, and after my interviews. The notebook includes both weekly and monthly planner pages, spaces to brainstorm show topics and guests as well as pages you can print out and keep handy during and after your interviews to record thoughts, important info, and timestamps to make creating your show notes a breeze. There’s even an episode summary checklist to keep all your marketing details handy. 

“The Stack is one of the best products I have ever bought. ” 

Pat Snow

“I love this Stack and thank you. . . Great Job!” 

June Ash moore

Product #34

From Caroline Vencil of 

caroline vencil blog 

Ultimate Podcast Templates

Podcasters need graphics just like everyone else. Show graphics, episode graphics, marketing images for the different social media sites. But you don’t need to spend all your time figuring out the size and shape and details, you really just need something awesome that works. 

These templates will save you so much time you’ll able to do a lot more marketing. 

Product #35

From Bradley Denham of 

record edit podcast 

Podcast Influencer Formula

Learn the Hollywood secrets behind your favorite Top-100 podcasts.

Our team has been producing podcasts for 10+ years, released 10,000 episodes, and helped flight over 30,000 ad reads.

Leverage the techniques we’ve used to reach over 1 billion listeners across audio, video, and social platforms.

Product #36 

From Tanner Campbell of 

tanner helps 

Using Facebook Ads to Grow Your Podcast’s Audience Consistently and Reliably

Podcast growth requires consistency, quality, and effort, but you can have all that and still fail to grow an audience when organic strategies are your only strategies. Learn the basics of Facebook Ads to grow your audience reliably, week-over-week for much less than you’d expect.

Product #37 

From Dan R Morris of 

Audience industries 

Content Replay Premium Plugin

What if you could make sure that your Halloween episode this year automatically shows up on your the homepage of your site every year in October?  What if you could publish your Show Notes today and automatically schedule them to republish whenever it makes sense?? You can do that with this plugin. 

“It has already changed everything I thought I wanted from my business. ” 

Brandy Lipscomb

“Just bought the Stack again and am SUPER EXCITED!!!” 

Jessica New Fuselier

“(Got Stack last year) and loved it too! ” 

Aysha Iqbal

Product #38

From Laura Donnelly of 

dancing with ease 

Peak Vocal Performance

A simple self-paced video class for podcasters. Simple ways to improve vocal clarity and establish a calm presence that puts guests at ease and creates deeper connections with listeners. 

Product #39

From Jeni Wren of 

Gritty birds podcasting 

Complete Lead Magnet Funnel Podcasting for Small Business Owners Workshop

The workshop will touch on the 3 elements of “Voice”  I support clients with: 

Voice – Messaging, Marketing and Your Story

Voice – Nailing Your  “Voice” and interview skills

Voice – The basics of creating better storytelling with audio

Product #40

From Mike Stewart of 

internet audio guy 

How to Setup an Audio or Video Podcast Today

This is a tutorial for people with nothing. In this course you’ll learn how to set up a WordPress site, get a domain name, make the site look good, configure the podcast settings in WordPress, make a logo, pick a microphone, produce a show, record a show with Zoom, get it online, choose a media host, use audacity to edit it, create pre-recorded ads and more. 

Product #41

From Jared McLelland of 

The three mouseketeers, spoop squad & hipshtx


Modern Podcasting

With Modern Podcasting you will learn how to create high quality and high value podcasts that listeners crave. You will discover how you can get the word out to your target audience and how to spend a small amount of time planning to create the very best podcasts for your audience. 

Product #42

From Daniel Larson of 

Podcasting made simple


Podcasting for Beginners

How to start and get your first thousand downloads, featuring Podcasting Made Simple + Podcast Marketing 

Our Sponsor:

From Podboxx 

Get Your Podcast Set up on PodBoxx

Grab a 90 day free trial for a Professional Plan of Podboxx, a complete hosting platform, including all their exclusive features.   Give a try to the mobile recoding App PodBoxx Studio for interviews or solo recording!

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