After You Write an Article

Ssurvey-buying-processo you wrote an article or a blog post or you created a web page. Maybe you uploaded a video or did a podcast. Maybe you uploaded a presentation to Slideshare. . .

Basically, you created content. Now what do you do?

This is a down and dirty checklist of what to do after you create original content. (Remember if you made a video, obviously #4 doesn’t apply, and if you wrote an article #11 doesn’t apply.) Use some logic, please:

  • Post it to your blog
  • Create an outline for a future book, note where this article fits or doesn’t fit into that book
  • Put the bullets on a slide – upload to slideshare
  • Put the bullets on images – make a video using Animoto
  • Rewrite it and post it to
  • Add a photo and pin it on Pinterest. Digg it on Digg, Stumble it on StumbleUpon
  • Tweet the blog link
  • Look for that question on WikiAnswers and link to this article.
  • Rewrite 3 times and use an article spinner to get it out there
  • Use Tout to announce your new article
  • Turn it into an article (if it was a video)
  • Turn it into a Podcast by reading it.
  • Write a Press Release about this new information

Include the advice in a letter to the President of the United States. Wait a few weeks and you’ll get a “Thank You” letter from the White House. Go back to your website and add “advisor to the President”.

Then go on to the next “content creation” idea you have and start over with the checklist.  Fore more on Niche Internet Marketing click here.