I recently replied to an email for an SEO proposal with the following:

“Dear Mark,

To start, while I employ SEO as a revenue generation tool, my goal isn’t to be #1 in Google. My goal is to find the path that will bring you the revenue goal you’re shooting for. More often than not, that’s a combination of email marketing, list management, SEO, social media and PR. Where money gets allocated in that mix is the question and is what I bring to the table.

The question always is. . . if someone who doesn’t know you exist today eventually buys from you what was the path? Can we build it better? Can we replicate it? Can we identify the best sources and put out money there.

I’m a revenue generation guy and can help you achieve your goals.

In the proposal building stage I’d say that I need to better understand what you do, how you do it, what happens after and how does the cycle begin again. I’d like to come up there and chat with you guys, read testimonials of customers and really learn what we’re about to build. If we can build it right from the beginning we’ll have a never ending supply.

If you would be willing to gamble airfare and $730 on me, I’ll come up there and give you a full action plan to which you can use, hire me to execute, hire someone else, etc. . . whatever would work best for you. I can tell you right now that I’m going to save you thousands and thousands of dollars on Google Adwords and get you better results. No doubts.

I look forward to chatting.


That’s what we do.

This blog is a compilation of our work helping small companies improve their revenue through internet marketing, and our observations of common marketing mistakes we see all around us. We talk about real cases most of the time. And each post is designed to get you thinking about how you do business.

Most of the time we ask, are you making the same mistake?

We never do case studies on our own clients, unless the client doesn’t mind if we shout it out. Client case studies are privy to clients only and are always used to help improve revenue.

So join us here on LettersFromDan. Subscribe to our Friday Notes and join in the conversation on Facebook. If you’re looking to improve your revenue, then call or e-mail us. We’d love to figure out how you’re really making money and help you put together a plan that capitalizes on that – and leverages other sources.

As we always say “Hope is not a Marketing Plan”. (We say it so often, we’re trademarking it). :)

Dan R Morris

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  1. Donna Nicely

    Thanks for all your help. I get about 80 to 120 visitors daily. I want to get a few thousand. I think your Notes can help me.

  2. Heather

    Enjoyed reading about your favorite place… I felt like I was there; now I want to visit :)

    Best Wishes,

    Heather Nelson

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