9/14/09 – The Day of My Twitter Glitch

Today, I was jolted from my comfort zone and thrust into something new. I accidentally deleted my Twitter account today, and with it the connections to all my friends in the Twitter-verse.  I was in the midst of deciding whether or not to sign up for Ironman Wisconsin.   The entry fee for the race is now $576 – up from $350 in 2001. To give myself a few minutes to digest that enormous price tag, I typed www.twitter.com/danrmorris into my browser.

Something jolted my memory of an account I once opened but had never really used. I navigated to that account and found myself at the “Delete This Account” button. I did all the steps: Are Ya Sure? Do you know this is final? and finally “Confirm Here.”

Well, I hadn’t “logged out” of my main Twitter account so in the blink of an eye, both accounts had been deleted. Gone. Nothing. And I knew it the very second I pressed “confirm” that it was gone. Nevertheless, somehow this bundle of hope wound itself up inside of me and I proceed to “reinstate” my account. Whew! I was allowed and it would only take a few minutes. And Then. . .

My 8,900 Twitter-verse friends were gone. I had no connections to anyone else. I wasn’t following anyone and no one was following me. All my tweets, my profile, my replies, my sent file – all in tact. Gone were the connections. And to top misery with defeat, I found out shortly thereafter that a glitch was preventing me from following anyone and anyone following me.

So until that glitch has been fixed – I have no Twitter to converse with the world. Tomorrow, or the day after, or the day after that, when the dust has settled and the Twitter Glitch is gone – I will reconnect with that world. And I’ll document for you that journey – the stats and the steps.

Stay Tuned for “Twitter Problem Solutions” at www.twitterglitch.com

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  1. Donita

    This will strike fear in the hearts of many twitter-addicts! Hope you are recovering nicely.

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