Why BC Prime is Awesome and Why you Should Join.

It’s awesome.





What is BC Prime?

The best way to get started with Blogging Concentrated is to become a Prime member. As a member of BC Prime you’ll have exclusive access to the extra ingredients that will help you move your business to the next level of success.

You won’t miss out on the stuff we’re doing, discounts we’re giving or alerts to upcoming workshops and events.

We’re dedicated to providing quality, innovative, and practical content, tips, and suggestions that are not only motivating but are also integral tools to business growth.

Who is this for?

BC Prime is for bloggers, online marketers and company social media teams who are looking to build solid, long term business where the goal is to create fans from customers and cheerleaders from fans.

How can this help you?

If you feel like your business is a house of cards just one algorithm change away from less money. . . if you feel like there is something missing that is keeping you from the millions. . . if you feel like your income is a bit accidental not 100% on purpose . . then we’re going to provide you the resources and teachings to really turn your business into a solid revenue generating model.

What is inside the forum?

You get access to every product, webinar, ebook, teaching, curriculum and course we create every month including all that we’ve created thus far. You’ll have a complete library of resources at your disposal immediately.

You will gain immediate access to:

  • New Results Oriented Ebooks every month – Not only will you get access to our Twitter, monetization, graphics, press release, social media ebooks but new ones every month based on your education needs


  • WordPress Plugins, Products and Challenges – Our Sidebar Ladder plugin, 21 Day SEO Challenge, Video Riser, Social Media Finish Line and new products we create regularly.


  • Complete Task Specific Toolkits – Each month we produce a comprehensive guide dedicated to a particular task. For instance in the Press Release toolkit we included every Google News Authorized Press Release site, 10+ press release sites that allow anchor text, a directory of media contacts including Twitter addresses all over the country, sites to connect with media and a primer on how to write a press release. We’ve got toolkits for automation, keyword research, graphics, syndication, Instagram-like sites. . . so many to make.


  • Blogging Forms and Templates: – Each month we’re producing new templates, agreements, and standard language forms like license forms, contracts, terms and conditions, partnership agreements and more.


  • Ten Minute Traffic Tips: – We also interview marketers, publishers, authors and website owners with big traffic asking their thoughts on how to better drive traffic


  • Biz Book Insights: – Each month we read and review a new Best Selling book giving you the high points and how to integrate them into your business.


  • New Training Modules: – Want to know more about how to set up Open Graph? What email system works best? What are awesome IFTTT recipes? In fact, what is IFTTT and why should you use it? These are just a sampling of the content that you’ll have access to at all times.


  • Recordings from Blogging Concentrated Events: – These are happening nationwide and are full of valuable information from understanding SEO to the 80/20 Rule to Monetization and more. And because each event is tailored for each community the information shared is consistently relevant and applicable.


  • Exclusive Member Only Workshop Calls: – In addition to the two webinars/calls presented by the Blogging Concentrated Community Free Weekly Mastermind you will also have access to an exclusive Webinar just for BC Prime Members. In this call we’re going to take the month’s topic and delve even further into it and we’ll open it up for questions, feedback, and in depth learning.


Why Join?

Being part of a community speeds up your learning process and provides you the support you need to get results much faster than going it alone. If you have ever been a part of an internet forum then this place will impress you with content and the quality of members. Every member is committed to getting A Grade results. We have an Action accountability section where you can post monthly progress reports and have direct interaction / help with others.

Local Meetups

We travel to over 40 cities / year putting on Blogging Concentrated workshops and speaking at others. If there’s a chance we can put a meetup together in the cities we do, we send out an email with directions.

How much is BC Prime?

You invest just $30 per month or $300 per year for for as long as you would like to stay a member. You can stop access anytime you like by stopping your subscription in your PayPal Dashboard. You don’t have to ask anyone.

Can I order then ask for a refund straight after I look at everything and download what I want?

Sorry, but there are no refunds. As soon as you join you’ll have access to our years of collective thought and training. You’ll be able to download what you need immediately.While we haven’t had a refund request yet, we’re not taking that for granted. We’ll continue to produce quality content.

Where is the proof others like it?

Here are some of the feedback responses I have had:

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