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On today’s episode we ask if Eleanor Roosevelt was the first blogger, talk about podcast cruise, DC Podcast Fest and the Minneapolis Podcasters, Leonard Maltin, Geeksme’s Sex Watch, the wireless charging pad and the Amazon Dash Button. All the tech, social media and blog headlines that Bloggers love, need and use everyday.

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Eleanor Roosevelt Leonard Maltin
Eleanor RooseveltMentioned Article:
Eleanor Roosevelt was the original blogger (cool article) Wikipedia: Eleanor_Roosevelt
Biography: Eleanor Roosevelt
Article: The First Kitchen
Leonard Maltin
Mentioned Article:
Leonard Maltin has a podcast Website:
Twitter: @wolfpopnetwork
Facebook: WolfPopNetwork


Podcast Events

 * Podcast Cruise * Minneapolis Podcasters

How do they make money?

MacBook Pro Storage Expansion


Samsung wireless charging pad

Amazon Dash Button


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