10MTT: Liza Graves of Style Blueprint

Dan: Alright, so here with 10minutetraffictips with Liza Graves from StyleBluePrint.com which is a niche site for women or interested in can I say high-end style.

Liza: High-end but I wouldn’t say super control.

Dan: Is not monitoring?

Liza: It’s not monitoring you know, we have a list of handbags for example, we make sure to put a nice range of handbags but we’re still gonna put a 2 to 3 thousand dollars handbags or there or we’re not going to say this is the most handbag, we’ll say you know what if I have a 3 thousand dollars on my pocket then I got to do whatever I want to do and for the charity, or my money’s bag. so we make it.

Dan: The first bucket list?

Liza: It is successful you know but we’re still absolutely highlight everything that we’re talked about interior design, fashion, health, travel, recipes, it is very lifestyles, we definitely serve for women which have a largesr disposable income then you know or in an average.

Dan: So I heard ypu speak ideally ention, I found it interesting that was you had categpries that you knew you’re gonna talk about, any idea that ypu took a year not to procrastinate but to plan, so how that the year come about there that certain things that you want to learn?

Liza: I think the year came about is probably more about 9 months but when Elizabeth and I started to talk, we definitely knew from the very beginning that we wanna be a part of international that before we even thought in going to other cities, we worked to be a hyper logo blog.

Dan: That was a research based or is that your interests?

Liza: No, That was because of our interest, we want to be with our friends, we were so tired. In 2009, the economy was low, all the stores that we love was suffering and we invite with our friends ad say I can shop, hello. But have you opened your eyes to see what’s your national to see that there’s really a great shopping international here but I think that sometimes you just listen to the same minds all over and over again. And you feel like you don’t want to shop in your city, we really embrace and you know you go to another city and before you go online, it’s a huge thing, how about you go to your local botique and you tried something on and you buy, you don’t go home and find a cheaper because you were born a women of Dashobel, men of Dashobel, the entrepreneurs of Dashobel and make ypur own city special.

Dan: Now, that’s your instinct that you need to talk to?

Liza: Absolutely! We’ve always done this on with passion and what excites us and we’re talked about it with friends.

Dan: So there was a second part that you said you’re gonna have a dinner conversation with your audience.

Liza: Yes

Dan: And you’ve narrow down the actual topics that you thought gives interests to your audience, did you stick with that?

Liza: Well, I would say that in the beginning we do not, in the beginning of our site, we’re categorized, we write about fashion, home decor and recipes, basically we said we’ve dinner with our friends and we’ve subject that we would ask as a group, that we’ve talked about and put it on there.

Dan: How didyou decide that?

Liza: I think that it was because that we realized that women or we take so many people and we take care of ourselves and we actually do get out with our friends, we are so excited to be with the community because usually a kid hanging on you and you’re trying to hug your friend and you have this way, so just to have that moment for yourself and with ypur friends and we want to capture that and post a little bit of that conversation everyday in your blogs and you just connected you to women and our conversation with women and say ” did you read blog for today, oh my gosh I read that!” and that connected us to community and to ourselves.

Dan: So let’s jump for today. Just that thought that you had a dinner conversation, do you see that now having as being a good decision that you see the community just loving the concepts.

Liza: Yes I don’t think that a regular reader would say that “Oh I feel like I’m out” but I think of a regular reader would say that “this was model of what we’ve talked about us as girlfriends and when you filing it, oyu would say that, oh my gosh that’s exactly what you talked about.

Dan: Do you see that in the blog comment, the smae kind of things?

Liza: It’s funny because we don’t get a lot of comments, we get a lot of traffic though we don’t get a lot of comments and I find we do different that a national blogs, a national audience. There’s a better that that, you put a name on there and many people will put a comment there.Yesterday, I think we had, I mean a big day for us. We’re so excited be cause we had 10 thousand page views and that’s great and I’m so excited 35 hundred clicks out of the blogs so we had maybe besides missing comments.

Dan: So, do you get commentsout of the steets or they love your post?

Liza: All the time.

Dan: So the proof is there.

Liza: The proof is there and we mention local store. We’ve got so many great flowers, we’ve got cards, go back the sotres and walking in the store and we get gift wraps for us that you have to take this. so we get lots of feedbacks and people stop us and say”oh my gosh, hey!” I feel that you’re my bestfriend.

Dan: That’s the proof?

Liza: Yes, that I do my job right.

Dan: So there was the year of effort for you that receive comments.

Liza: And I love the part of it because I want everyone to feel like there having a moment to talk to their friends in the morning and all I know that there are a lot of blogs with the same person everyday, we have really made effort because the two of us start with both write. I involved writing at this point and she does more the marketing but wanted more a conversation to take up the girls stand out and we love to be a part of conversation.

Dan: You said you are notnecessarily in every social network which some people think they have to be and it’s difficult.

Liza: I have 3 kids and I will not take long and I do what I should do.

Dan: You guys, found success in social media with your audeince, with your conversation, are they moving to facebook to continue or mention?

Liza: Facebook, that’s very well for us and we’ve spread to oter cities, national facebook having 500 hundred fans and they are gazed you know. Facebook for us is a great engagement. Twitter is not.

Dan:Are you doing the same thing that dinner conversation the same core group of topics in facebook?

Liza: No, we put things on there.

Dan: So you use it becasue it’s social media, it’s social social?

Liza: It’s social social. What’s up with that. Flood of comments there in that. We definitely have a fan in facebook, it’s a quick glipmse of what we’re trying to say about information.

Dan: You don’t have to be in everywhere, just simply what you’re doing hide or what it is.

Liza: I do the twitter that’s because I can;t touch some people and I’d like that aspect and I have someone that says that sometimes people hate those direct tweets.

Dan: Ridiculous!

Liza: So I’m okay, we’re having facebook, I’d like to know their interest, we like beautiful things. If I have to pick I’d pick instagram for my personal thing and I like pinterest.

Dan: So we’ve been talking of styleblueprint.com, you guys from Dashbel? You get moving?

Liza: We have some global.

Dan: Congratulations!

Liza: Thank you..