10MTT: Ellen Braun

Dan: Hey, this is 10minutestraffictips.com with here with Ellen Braun of racingsmalllsouls.com. We’re gonna talk a little bit about traffic. So what I know about your site which I think is beautiful site is that you’ve done a great job putting together a email list.How of you gone about creating email list?

Ellen: Well, Thanks Dan. The primary list start building my email list is I heard minutes that put together a video called the animal school video and if you haven’t watch that yet, go to my homepage racingsmallsouls.com and watch it now. And that video is one of a viral because it’s such a incredibly touching topic to all of us. It has a sad story and you may wanna have some tissues with you when you watch it and when I hired the video percentage here from me is code in the very last slide of the video in a weber form which leads people to sign up for my form and I remember to add a little tagline to receive more tips and tricks about parenting, Sign up here find your email address and name.

Dan: Wait, wait,wait. You can sign up for your beyond your list in an actual video window?

Ellen:In the very last slide of the video windows which is from flash over teenage html screen that looks exactly the last picture in the video and it’s got the weber form there.

Dan: Wow!

Ellen:Yes, so I hired somedbody to do that for me becauseI don’t know how to do those technical things.

Dan: How did you know that it was possible?

Ellen: I wouldn’t! Oh! I think I really have the idea from the site, the interview with gut.com that gather great pretty video that’s very touching as gone mega viral that uses an example of viral video all over the place. And I just cut the idea on what if right now people are in trends in the story and their feeling really emotionally connected to work right now and ask them to do something simple that doesn’t require gain their wallet in losing their focus just sign up so that what I did and within the same screen so their not losing focus and the same feeling that the video has a perfect music and picture story.

Dan:Are you intense to create a viral video?

Ellen:Yeah!Plans are out for about 3 months before I launched the site.

Dan: You’ve planned out the viral video and then how did you know it would be possible that the viral was some degree lacked?

Ellen:Yeah, you know what coz the plans have subsequent videos and hamington, well, so yeah some the greatest and I didn’t know how it turn around. I have planned of viral colors but have exact same time.

Dan: Of viral coloring books?

Ellen: Yeah, And I saw on the page racingsmallsouls.com/coloring.html. And I hired an illustrator to create a coloring bag of 3 dimensional up to great illusion so kind a minute but I encourage parents and teachers to use it while children are reading maybe waiting while the rest or classes finished their assignment or waiting before breakfast time or drink meals or rainy day so that coloring bag is free to download and you may gonna sign up my list in order to get it and also signs up there as well.

Dan:Have you done link building strategies to do or haven’t spoke type moral or were you have information about coloring book elsewhere in the web?

Ellen:A little path, not as much as I should for I have you know when I post on the firm I’ll post the links too under proven article and submit it to ezine articles not the whole one, and blog posting but that a whole one.

Dan: So you’re saying that your traffic generation is really by the quality of video or quality of coloring book itself hoping that people pass it on.

Ellen: Absolutely Yeah! People do pass it on and I keep the entire quality of the site that high symptoms of being not sure and offer $75 to write an articles for me and not to ruin the different model that what I’m using and work for 10 to 15 articles.And if I were myself if it happen, I might spend 2 days or even a week to make aure that the quality is up there and as a result of that viral elements, people will show to other people my site and got the news from people that Hey, my son’s teacher, my teacher.

Dan: Have you created something that didn’t work?

Ellen: Yeah, All the time.

Dan: You failed occasionally?

Ellen: Absolutely!And I that’s the key farther for building any business as that you have to accept the reality that you might throw things against the wall and one will stick necessarily cruel cast start falling of a little bit if you keep breathing lies unto them and then fall down and that’s okay and just keep calm.

Dan: How did you get pass the first one that didn’t work? How did you said alright and stated and try any something else because I’m not good at this.

Ellen:Oh!after a little tantrums, if something doesn’t work that I’ll ask my parents so I’ll be mad and one day my husband took me out for lunch because he just see me hoping for a past 48 hours about and it take million times to get my energy back and say I gonna try something else so I offer energy and time to something that fails but looking at the bigger picture when you’re building something substantial into lots of creative ideas is just a reasonable task but more than half of them move forward.

Dan:In the idea of being a nurse to someone to write articles, that someone will reach a first time around, how do you overcome the risk versus considering a wrong words.

Ellen:That’s really good question, actually I struggle with all the time because, everyday I log on to my bank acocunt and I looked at the profit of my business and I say should I reinvest on my business or transfer on my personal account as a draws so that I always take the risk in reinvesting the business maybe double, triple or 10 times as much maybe a year to whatecver goes out in the family to constant there’s no greater that fluctuates and what’s going on in my house, what’s going on in my life.

Dan: You’ve know a substantial email list more that most people O know. How much time do you spend cultivating that list versus trying to get new people in the list?

Ellen:I spend more time in cultivating the list. I’d like to offer them quality contents and quality products in regular basis so that in maybe 30 million when I draw the pitch, they got the feeling towards me. So far as getting new subscribers, it’s something I wanna focus on more, finding new subscribers and new people come to my list and I can’t have it on, pilot as of now but more on people signing because the video can borrow.And another thing I’ve done is have somebody put some coding to my wordpress and I don’t know what it is, if you look at my site racingsmallsouls.com and figure it out if you know more wordpress than I do and at the end of every article it says toolbox with my logo and it says if you like this article sign up and you get more articles like them, product sample, verification of updates and stuffs like that and that’s the end of our single article that means that I’m caught somebody feeling good about my site where they felt a sense of trust because the quality and the content was hign up there and the box in the corner and the end of the article as well.

Dan: I think that’s a plugin in wordpress setting section where that’s shows up. Do you test the language, subscribe now type language, join my list, versus other types of words.

Ellen: No!That’s something that leave ways on my shoulder that I’m not doing more often. I haven’t done that in my whole life.

Dan: Testing is good but it seems we’re heading home runs just by testing.

Ellen:It is always more with you, more testing that should be doing more link building, its always more recurring.

Dan: How much of your traffic is recurring visitors versus new visitors each week, do you track it, do you care?

Ellen: I care, I don’t know often how much traffic is recurring. Most of my traffic comes from refferal form other sites or emails versus coming from 10 to 20 percent comes from search engine right now.

Dan: Is your viral strategy is there a time frame that a viral part sort of dies or just keep going.

Ellen: Yeah! I don’t think of a die it’s a good product but with a platoon.

Dan: Like video for example, how long does it remain just super hour viral before it slows down?

Ellen: Just a couple of months

Dan: Sound like a long time

Ellen: The platoon after 6 months still steady streamer not as greatest as first couple months.

Dan: Fantastic! Anyway, this is 10minutestraffictips.com, I’ve been speaking with Ellen Braun of racingsmalllsouls.com. She got a fantastic site and her strategies are nothing like any other strategy we’ve talked about.

Ellen: Thank you Dan

Dan: We appreciated

Ellen: I appreciated, Thanks