This is where we’d like you to start if you’re new to the online world. Whether it’s podcasting or blogging, these important resources will give you a jump start.

Product Notes Expert Link/Download Instructions
Get Started Podcasting! Uh. . . John’s EntrepreneurOnFire podcast has had more than 5,000,000 downloads. John Lee Dumas Right click and Download As:

Website in a Weekend. From Buying your domain to setting up WordPress to going live! Angela Wills Use Coupon Code: freebie

Making, Marketing and Monetizing Your Blog. Let’s break it down! Ricky Shetty Unprotect Content Code: CyberMonday

Getting Started Blogging Program. A 9 month week-to-week program to get your blog going.

Tiffany Noth Bloggy Guide Months 1 – 3
Bloggy Guide Months 4 – 6
Bloggy Guide Months 7 – 9

video-riser-logo We didn’t have a beginner’s guide to vlogging in the stack. If you’d like to learn more about Youtube and Vlogging, we’ve got a full product in our BC Prime Membership area called Video Riser. It’s everything you’d want to know about being successful on YouTube. Learn more about that here: Video Riser on BC Prime



Hopefully you watched the video we spoke about above and you’ve decided that you want to work on cash. That means cash becomes your filter. If someone asks you to do something that doesn’t involve you generating cash, say no. Here are some terrific things to say Yes to get your cash machine going. Let’s make that $27 back immediately!!

Product Notes Expert Link/Download Instructions
Don’t Give It All Away! 6 Steps to Turn Free Consults into Paying Clients. . .No joke, Adrienne is the real deal when it comes to this. This audio will blow you away. Adrienne Graham Right click and Download As:

Adsense Secrets. Joel is the man that taught the world how to use Adsense. He’s the pioneer and expert and NY Times Best Selling Author. Joel Comm Click Link for Access

Sure Fire Passive Income Report. David’s MyNAMS program has helped countless newbies turn their passion into dollars. This ebook is a great primer. David Perdew Click Link for Access

Affiliate Contest Secrets is a 75 page special report from Connie. Connie makes a full time income from affiliate marketing and pretty much wins every contest :) Connie Ragen Green PRODUCT ACCESS CODE: SECRET

Making Money from WordPress, the full book written by the founder of the largest Affiliate conference on the planet: Affiliate Summit. Missy Ward Click Link for Access

How to Sell Thousands from your Platform. If you need to get better and more comfortable with sales, this complete training program is top notch. Kathleen Gage Click Link for Access

Want to work with business owners? How to get their attention in a relaxed way that impresses them. Costas Peppas Click Link for Access

Building a Sales Funnel. Jo is the expert at driving traffic with Facebook Ads to grow her wallet and business. Her complete strategy is here. Jo Barnes Online Academy USE CODE danfiresale (press validate)

Webinar Sales Success Secrets. . .Her entire $497 training program on making money with webinars is here. Janis Pettit Click Link for Access

Profiting from PLR; this 6 Session Course with handouts, checklists and cheatsheets will have you using PLR effectively in no time. Alice Seba DOWNLOAD HERE use Coupon Code BLOGGINGKNOWLEDGE

Interested in working with brands? One group that really pays attention and works with bloggers is FYI Find Your Influence FYI logo

Screen Shot 2014-11-30 at 12.26.38 AM This month one of our calls with the BC Prime Community was on how to sell your web business. There is no way for us to retire which means as entrepreneurs we have to be thinking about getting a multiple for our efforts. We love these kinds of calls. Learn more about what we do at BC Prime here.



For many traffic is the primary concern. If your traffic is low, then you’d do well to make “Growing Traffic” a priority. Many things fall into line after that.

Product Notes Expert Link/Download Instructions
“3 Steps to Building Blog Buzz with Graphic Quotes”. . . I must say this is a cool tutorial. Go ahead. Add a dimension to your traffic driving plan. Adela Rubio Click to Access Here

Case Study: We interviewed Holly Homer about the steps she took to grow her Facebook page from 18,000 to 1,000,000 likes in one year, organically. Holly Homer WATCH HERE

Growing Traffic 101, from our friend Leslie who is not only a prolific blogger but a YouTube superstar in the education community Leslie Samuel Click to Access Here

Content Marketing From Scratch – by Sarah Arrow who Forbes believes owns one of the top websites for women in the world. Sarah Arrow Click to Access Here

Sue Painter Interviews David Cross: David is a master copywriter who works primarily for huge companies, the only ones that can afford him. This 20 minute interview will change your copywriting outlook forever. Sue Painter DOWNLOAD HERE

21 Day SEO Challenge Logo There is not an SEO Course in the BC Stack this go round, but don’t let that slow you down. Thousands of entrepreneurs have taken our 21 Day SEO Challenge with much success. Join BC Prime and start taking our 21 Day SEO Challenge



There is no better money maker, cheerleader creator or expert grower than having your own products. Whether it is ebooks, tshirts, customized playing cards, apps, courses or webinars. . . products should be a consideration after traffic.

Product Notes Expert Link/Download Instructions
How to Create a Product in 3 Days. Kevin’s Product Creation Labs pumps out products Kevin Riley RIGHT CLICK AND DOWNLOAD HERE

Make and Sell a Fabulous Ebook in 30 Days Angela England RIGHT CLICK AND DOWNLOAD HERE

Profitable Projects (from two people who have built an empire on profitable projects) Tracy Patton and Susanne Myers CLICK TO ACCESS PRODUCT

cutmypic (4)

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While it is important to be putting systems in place from the very beginning, for most bloggers this step doesn’t come until they realize the seriousness of their venture. If you’ve got products and some traffic, it is likely time to really focus on systems.

Product Notes Expert Link/Download Instructions
Simplifying Blogging with Systems and Awesome. 15 modules teaching how to use PLR, get more comments, overcome bloggers block and more. . . Nicole Dean DOWNLOAD HERE WITH COUPON CODE bc100

How to Outsource to a Virtual Assistant. Tawnya heads up the largest VA training company in the world, Tawnya Sutherland CLICK HERE FOR ACCESS

How to Hire Outside Help. Let Kelly help you navigate the Catch-22 of how do I get help if I’m not making money yet. Lisa Kelly Woodruff RIGHT CLICK: DOWNLOAD AS

Blog Like A Pro Master Planner Katie Hornor Access Product Here with Code ABF151FD

Website Success Course: Understanding Google Analytics from a guy whose made it his expert positioning statement. Hire Kurt. . . he knows how to make websites perform. Kurt Scholle DOWNLOAD HERE

How to use Google Hangouts. Now Lou knows a thing or two being a 20 year veteran of video. Google Hangouts is a fantastic tool at your fingertips. Lou Bortone DOWNLOAD HERE

Affiliate Marketing and FTC Compliance Ashley Coombe CLICK HERE FOR ACCESS

Top 15 tax deductions not to be missed for professional bloggers (Who doesn’t need to know that?) Joanne DelBalso CLICK HERE FOR ACCESS

The Ultimate Guide to Finding and Partnering with a Professional VA. . . from a professional VA who trains others. Denise Griffitt CLICK FOR ACCESS

6 Steps to Improve Team Performance, Retain Top Talent and Virtually Eliminate Morale Problems Joanne Eckton CLICK HERE FOR ACCESS

Creating a 30 minutes/day Social Media Marketing Plan. We heard Ashley speak about this at Denver Blogging Concentrated. She’s got it down to a science. Ashley Coombe CLICK HERE FOR ACCESS

systems BC Prime has a large database of forms and templates online entrepreneurs and bloggers need. Things like ebook templates, sample contracts, terms of service language, brand pitch letters, brand advocate letters and more. Learn more about BC Prime now.



Until you own a community, you don’t have a community. 50,000 fans on MySpace doesn’t do you much good right now. So if you’ve been relying on Facebook and Pinterest for your growth, it is time to think about creating a community of your own.

Product Notes Expert Link/Download Instructions
List Building Round Table with some of the biggest names on the internet. This is a list building Giant. Kelly McCausey DOWNLOAD HERE WITH COUPON CODE bcfire

List Building for Bloggers: The definitive book on the subject Phil Hollows ACCESS WITH code BCSTACK

Real Fast Email Marketing. In addition to the content, pay attention to everything Daniel does. From the landing page to the way he teaches. Brilliance. Daniel Hall Copy and Paste this link (no idea why it works that way); is a social network all its own. We interviewed the guys that run LifeOfDad to see what running a contributor model should really look like. Founders WATCH THE VIDEO

Cold Calling is not easy, but waiting for personal introductions to every prospect is slow. Learn techniques to introduce your business via email Rebecca Caroe USE CODE EMAILMARKETING

List Building and Email Marketing: Your first 1000 subscribers. Sushant is an interviewing rock star. I think he’s interviewed and learned from about every cool marketer out there. All the while using the interviews to build his list. Sushant Misra CLICK HERE FOR ACCESS

Engaging your Fan Base: How about learning engagement from someone who’s published over 160 books and started 50 publishing companies – for her audiences. Kristen Eckstein CLICK HERE FOR ACCESS



Product Notes Expert Link/Download Instructions
Niche Success Blueprint: Step-by-Step “Start to Profit” Training for a Successful Niche Business Online. Not just for beginners! Learn the fastest, easiest ways to take your niche site to maximum profit potential! Lynn Terry Click and Access here

The Art of the Interview: Secrets to smart, powerful interviewing. Ellen Britt CLICK HERE FOR ACCESS

A Case Study in the Strategies one woman took to massively grow her platform Misty Williams and Karen McCullough CLICK HERE FOR ACCESS

Brand Ignition Course: If you’re ready to think differently about your entrepreneurial journey and what it takes to be successful, this FREE Brand Ignition eCourse is for you! Kristen Brown CLICK HERE FOR ACCESS

Stand Out and Be Heard Podcast System: How to Create a Podcast THIS WEEK That Expands Your Reach, Boosts Your Book or Blog and Creates Change Doug Foresta DOWNLOAD HERE WITH ACCESS CODE standout5518

Grow your clout, community engagement and wallet with Telesummits. LeeAnn has been involved with 20+ telesummits and has packaged her knowledge here. LeeAnn M. Webster CLICK LINK TO ACCESS




Product Notes Expert Link/Download Instructions
10 Tips for Keeping Your Confidence on TV and Radio Danielle Smith CLICK HERE FOR ACCESS

13 Christmas Social Media Ideas that Rock. All based on real life examples of awesome. Janet Thaeler CLICK HERE FOR ACCESS

How to get on TV: It seems Lisa can get on TV at will, we asked her to spill her secrets. As a professional organizer blogger and network marketer she speaks our online language. Lisa Kelly Woodruff RIGHT CLICK: DOWNLOAD AS

Get Connected: Self Branding. Whether it’s the Mayor of Nashville or contestants on The Apprentice, David Dutton knows what it means to turn a meeting into a relationship David Dutton DOWNLOAD HERE

Social Media Immersion: Learning Google+, Gmail, Google Drive and Google Apps Csaba Lendvay CLICK LINK FOR ACCESS

Understanding WooCommerce Workshop. Mitch is a WordPress Superstar. If you’re interested in WooCommerce, I know of noone better to teach it. Mitch Canter CLICK HERE FOR ACCESS

Managing Your Time. How does one publish 160 books without managing their time effectively. Learn Kristen’s strategies. Kristen Eckstein CLICK HERE FOR ACCESS

6 Tough Questions To Free You From. . . Faydra helps people get through tough times and has learned what really holds people back. Let her open up your world. Faydra Koenig REGISTER HERE

LinkedIn Accelerator Program: Entrepreneur Magazine asked Ted Prodromou to write the Ultimate Guide to LinkedIn. That was good enough for us. Ted Prodomou CLICK HERE FOR ACCESS

Building a Business while managing a family. Great tips to get you thinking. Tiffany Romero DOWNLOAD IT HERE

Small Business Survival Webinar and SEO 101 Tips. This is live webinar that will be held on January 5th. Claudia Krusch REGISTER HERE

100 Survival Tips for Small Business Owners: A Brandable Report you can sell or giveaway to your audience. Learn PLR by using it. Sharyn Sheldon CLICK HERE FOR ACCESS

Doodles and Backgrounds for your Website Natalie Marie Collins CLICK TO ACCESS HERE

iPhone 6 Master Class… what if that tech guy at Verizon could share with you everything he knows about the phone. Well now he can. Rey Brown DOWNLOAD HERE


Using Tools and Techniques to Expand Your Vantage Point with Photography XShot and Datacolor Print

How to Take Better Photographs of Children Simon Salt DOWNLOAD HERE

Kick-Ass Guide to Selfies and Portraits Lucrecer Braxton CLICK TO ACCESS HERE





Fantastic Product Offer Link/Download Instructions
$100 off the Keyword Research tool we promote, teach, train, talk about and love. If you buy, tell us and we’ll set it up and train you. BrainstormTools $100 off the $299 price

Need to get better with Pinterest? Lauren is offering 50% off the Gold and Silver Packages, 25% off the Platinum Packages. Lauren Greutman USE COUPON CODE BCSTACK14

40% off iBlog Magazine iBLog Magazine GET IT HERE

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Best Pics Monthly FREE 6 Month Subscription Katie Hornor ACCESS HERE WITH CODE 9E8E00D2

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